Anderson: Field Test

Imogene + Willie is very serious about the durability of our clothes. We put our garments through major stress tests and expose each piece to the most extreme conditions: cold, heat, water, wind… tennis.

Our new Anderson sweatshirt passed the extensive Arctic and Sahara road tests earlier this year with flying colors. The question was, could it survive an afternoon on the backs of Ronald and Sissy, the most hardcore racqueteers on 12th Avenue South?

Winning is the name of the game with the hyper-competitive R&S, whose relationship we honestly can’t quite get a handle on. (According to Ronald, “We don’t really know ourselves: it’s continuously being questioned and redefined.” Ooookay.) Are-the-or-aren’t-they? is really beside the point when they take the court: these powerhouses take their opponent – not to mention their clothes – to the brink and back again.

Earlier this week, we challenged R&S to put our heavyweight French terrycloth pullover though the paces on the tennis courts at Sevier Park. Anderson’s wide-rib and flat-lock construction proved to be impervious to the stretching that results from deep lobs, staccato volleys, major slices and overhand smashes.

Anderson’s a winner – game, set, match.