Whether you’re hunting for big game or the perfect Christmas present, Willie oil cloth is the perfect pant to wear on your mission.

As part of our new series of field tests, Matt “I’m Not a Hunter But I Play One on TV” Eddmenson set out earlier today in a vintage Woolrich stag jacket (check out this week’s 1/1 for more on that) and a pair of our new buckle-backs in search of big game – specifically, the University of Kentucky’s NCAA basketball game.

On the way down 12th Avenue South to Edley’s Bar-B-Que, where Matt planned to catch the match on big-screen TV, he and Lale were distracted by a tough-looking gang of squirrels – the very bane of our shop dog’s existence – and ended up on a wild chase.

Several hours later, they returned from their impromptu hunting trip, empty handed (stupid squirrel) and without having seen game of any variety – in the wild or Edley’s bar, either one – but with the firm knowledge that Willie Oil cloth is built to look good wherever your day (or your dog) takes you.