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PLEASE READ THIS. and then, wash your jeans like real people

PRE-WORK/WEBSITE HOUSE KEEPING from the point of view of me (carrie), since i am the least computer savvy, just in case you are, too:

if you have ever visited our website, please do the following real quick. (we might ask you again next week to do this… as new look book will go up then.)

1) go to
if you see a NEW video, and a washing machine icon with text instruction for washing your jeans like real people, then you are good. skip next #2 and #3 instructions.
if you see the OLD video (about the shop) and some not so cute out of place orange text at the top of the page that doesn’t make sense, please follow #2 and #3 instruction below.

2) empty your cache
(for example on MAC: click on safari or firefox at top left corner next to the apple. go down 7 lines.. see “empty cache”. push it.)

3) go to
now, REFRESH the page. (usually, the round arrow to the RIGHT of where you type in web addresses on your browser.)

if you are like my computer, then you might have to do this several times.

imogene+willie just this week turned ONE! this means that, for a lot of you, your jeans are celebrating the same birthday, or will be in the coming months.
our favorite phone calls now on a daily basis are, “ok. i am ready. how do i wash these jeans?”

we thought it might be easier to explain it from the point of view of our customers.
so, this morning we introduce WASH YOUR JEANS LIKE REAL PEOPLE. video and text instruction.
go check it out.

everything we do takes good work from good people.
thank you, matt and ian, for dreaming and thinking and creating.
thank you, john moessner, for understanding what we love and capturing it so well on video.
thank you, patty griffin, for singing songs that put us on our knees.
thank you dave wheeler, for your friendship. but also, for pulling off always-so-last minute web work.
thank you brian stone, teresa mason and james clauer (and chaplin) for being really good real people.


So Fresh and So Clean Clean…..

j.crew x imogene + willie

courtesy of WWD
by Jean E. Palmieri

Posted Thursday July 1, 2010

J. Crew has snagged another exclusive, this time with denim brand Imogene + Willie. The Nashville-based jeans label will offer two styles of men’s jeans and two bags at J. Crew’s men’s stores in TriBeCa, SoHo and on Madison Avenue (opening in late summer) starting at the end of August. The merchandise will also be available online.

Right now, Imogene + Willie jeans are sold only in the brand’s Nashville store and a specialty store in Austin, Tex., named Stag. The line of artisan denim is the creation of the husband-and-wife team of Matt and Carrie Eddmenson. Before setting up the company, they worked together in a family business in Kentucky designing and developing new processes of garment finishing for premium denim for Levi’s, Lee, Girbaud and Polo Ralph Lauren’s RRL, as well as Rogan, J Brand, Diesel and Replay. That business closed two years ago, and the couple started Imogene + Willie, which is named for Carrie’s maternal grandparents.

“They’re so pure and artisan,” said Frank Muytjens, vice president of men’s design for J. Crew, of the Eddmensons. “They create their denim in a big metal tub in the backyard, and the leather guy down the street makes the bags. Every jean is a one-off and has Western influences, workwear influences. Everything is very crafty and very individual.”

J. Crew will carry a slim straight-leg model, which is “based on a jean from the Forties,” he said, in either a dark rinse with mild abrasion for $375 or a light wash with more abrasion for $425. There will be a slimmed-down version of a vintage U.S. Mail bag for $650 and a leather tote for $800. Hangtags have been printed from old letter presses, and the sizes will be individually hand-stamped, according to Matt Eddmenson. There will also be a vintage T-shirt and sweatshirt for women.

The association between the two companies came about after the Eddmensons reached out to J. Crew chief executive officer Millard “Mickey” Drexler, whom they had known from his days at Gap. “We sent him an e-mail saying we were enamored with all the collaborations they were doing, and literally three minutes later the phone rang at the store and it was Mickey,” she said.

Although the brand has received “tons of inquiries” from other retailers wanting to carry the jeans, Carrie Eddmenson said it is a “strategic decision” not to wholesale beyond J. Crew and Stag. “We want to keep it pretty intimate,” she said.

The “mid- to long-term goal,” he said, is to open additional locations, but “no more than three.” His wife added: “We like that people are flying to Nashville to come to the store.”