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grass is always greener…..

photo: mike jones


“are you finished?” was all i heard as i started up the steep incline that started the fryman canyon fire road.
i stared back at the sweaty guy coming toward me as he repeated “are you finished?”
just as i was attempting to explain to him in simple turns that even a nitwit could see that i was just starting the hike he added
” sorry, your tshirt? is it the finnish flag?”
“no” i replied…”.its a plus sign. it’s who i am…”

bill bennett

Alice Neel

Influential 20th century American painter Alice Neel, 1900–1984, is best known for her portraits of celebrated artists and writers from New York, including Andy Warhol, Frank O’Hara, Meyer Shapiro and Linda Nochlin.

She is also one of my favorite artist ever!