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painters painting

This is the best art-doc ever made….now available through Amazon. if you haven’t seen it….you must see it….AMAZING!  It changed my life! (when I was 20)…

Made in 1972, by Emile de Antonio.


heavy metal thunder……

“are you ready?” my wife said, as i popped up out of bed.  

“how long are you going to be gone?”

“I’ll be back tomorrow night, as long as nothing happens.”

“Are you excited?”

“Yeah!” I can’t wait to see these motorcycles!”  

So I headed out the door to meet the American Picker himself, Mike Wolfe.  Mike and I drove seven hours down to Gulf Shores, Alabama to grab three BSA motorcycles.  These bikes were orginally owned by legendary Bonnieville Salt Flat Racer, Dick Strickland. To say we were excited to see the bikes and learn more about Dick is an understatement.  This guy broke the land speed record in his class on one of these bikes in the early 70’s. These motorcycles are a part of history! AMAZING!  

We met up with Dick’s cousin Tim, who shared the story of Dick’s life and his local legacy.   Tim told us stories about how Dick worked for BSA in the 70’s and was a factory sponsored racer.  

“Dick could just look at a motor and see how it works”, Tim Said. “He was a truly gifted machinist.”

When Mike and I saw the bikes for the first time we were blown away!  These bikes looked like spaceships.  I guess a better term would be Rocket Ship!

After we got the bikes all loaded up, Mike and I headed back to ol’ nashville with some motorcycle history in tow.  Thanks Mike for letting me be apart of this amazing two day adventure and thanks Richard Strickland for being such a bad ass!

Until next Pick,