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limited edition sale…..$250

okay dokey…we have two pair of size 10.5D left in this boot.  These boots have a vibram sole and are made out of buffalo hide, originally  $525.00 bucks. Really amazing boots….no comfort like Whites comfort……just ask anyone who has a pair! Don’t let these get away…… only two pair left!  Call the store at 615-292-5005 and we’ll ship em out today! 

best craigslist ever!!!

Thanks Roderick!

1979 Ford Ranger F10 “Tina” – $1641 (Nashville)

Date: 2011-06-11, 10:35AM CDT
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HOLY SH!T! Look what you just found! Scratch that.. LOOK WHAT JUST FOUND YOU!! 

Stop gawking at Tina cause she’ll tear through your monitor, rip your arms off, and beat you with them. Yeah, she’s a tough SOB and you better be too. What? Milage? Oh sure, her odometer reads 51K, but I bet it’s more like 151K or 251K. Why? Because you can’t take her anywhere she hasn’t already been. Odds are your dad’s ass was in her seat. Your mom’s too. Yeah, she’s been there. 

Rolling off some Detroit production line back in 1979, she was all red and silver, bright as the day in long, gleaming with the pride and joy that is MADE IN AMERICA DETROIT ROCK CITY. She took her short bed up and own these southern states, burning asphalt and leaving soot on the faces of Bible thumpers, college kids, and ne’er-do-wells alike. Yeah, that’s right. Her dual exhaust blew the glass out of your granny’s picture window when your old man packed up and hit the road to follow Guns N Roses. That’s about the time her red and silver shine took on a new, smarter patina. “What is that,” you ask? How about BLOOD and GUN METAL. Read it again champ cause you may have misheard me. BLOOD. GUN METAL. Scroll down and look at her again cause she’s earned a second glance. What? Rust? Dents? No friend, that’s called “experience.” Get some. 

Tina grew up in the 80s when rock was about getting some action, partying all night, and defining regret as “I wish I’d done more stuff to ruin my body and soul.” She’s no whiney 90s rocker with problems and angst. Screw that noise. This beast has guts and the road wear to prove it. 

Now, don’t come to me with some jacked up nonsense about “what’s your best price” or “can you go any lower.” Ask me that and I’ll add $100 to the price. Ask me again an I’ll punch your sister in the face. Hell, I might make you hold a lit firecracker between your lips or take a sledgehammer to the foot before you can even test drive her. Oh, and speaking of “tests,” Tina will fail. Why? Because she’s an 80s rocker and doesn’t give an F, that’s why. 

Listen, she’s got a re-worked interior cause she partied her guts out. You’re welcome. Her new master cylinder and fuel pump keep her going and stopping whenever and wherever she damn well pleases. She’ll pass Davidson County emissions only because she needs the road to make her dual exhaust scream. Drive through Green Hills, gun the accelerator, and watch the deep timbre of her rumble put hair on the chests of little girls. Again, you’re welcome. Power steering, power brakes, hand crank windows and AC if you really, really need it. Her aftermarket tape deck is set up for all your old Metallica, Iron Maiden, or Motley Crue. She even has aftermarket speakers cause the first 7 sets have been blown out. I repeat, you’re welcome. 

Stop smiling. 

You know what? I’m not even sure I like you right now. If you have the nerve to email me, start off with an apology because, if you don’t have the nuts to drive a truck like this, you just wasted my time. If you have the stones, go for it. If not, there are plenty of 90s era S-10s out there for you. 

-My name is Henry. Call me if you want to buy it – SIX ONE FIVE – 973 – 2oo4 otherwise, go back to your easy listening Pandora radio and light beer. 






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whether your braving Bonnaroo or staying in the comforts of our fare city, start this weekend with a special supper+song. good supper with Mas Tacos and a plenty of song. Plan to stay all afternoon into the evening and bring a blanket or chair.
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’50s mmc jumpsuit 1/1

Not much is known about Miami Motorcycle Club specifically, but if it was anything like the other clubs of its day, this jumpsuit was likely worn by one bad son-of-a-gun. The AMA patch on the arm points to the 1950s, but easily could have been added in the suit’s later years. You’re looking at motorcycle duds dating back to just after the war. Only a real tough guy can pull off white in his shop; black is for the faint of heart. Pick up this one of a kind piece before someone else does. Just don’t try anything Evil Kenevil wouldn’t do.