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the chance you take when you hire your good friends as models.

plus wash?

wherever there's a couch. more on marfa.

most anyone that i have ever asked to explain marfa, texas to me can’t really summarize. so since i never could get a straight answer, i got in the car with our sweet as pie teammate amanda, who started encouraging this trip several months ago, and drove there.  

so now i can tell you that there’s no explanation of marfa, texas.  the exclusive phrase unfortunately really does apply:  you had to be there.  or better yet, get there soon.  honestly, there’s not so much i can share.  i kept forgetting to look around at all of the visual goodness, because i was so taken by looking up.  at the stars.  i’ve been fortunate to see a lot of things in my life.  but i have never seen a sky so big and full of wonder.

there is one thing i can explain to you.  the new friends that we met and the homecoming with people that we already knew was just plain wonderful.  only liz lambert and crew would think to create an atmosphere in the middle of no where for old friends to reunite and new friends to meet.  the 5th or so annual trans pecos music festival, our reason for making the journey, was so thoughtfully planned.  the days were open to encourage rest and visiting.  and then music only at night. under the stars. 

we followed the flow.  liz asked us to set up a little jean fitting station in the lobby of el cosmico, the fabled hotel/motel/campground.  so during the day, we sold some jeans, but most importantly got some really good couch time with friends. wherever there’s a couch,  there’s imogene+willie.  and then at night, we bundled up in blankets and sat out in the field and listened to really really good music.

sharing with you a sampling from the oh so special musicians that we heard, wishing you were there.



made right here

Director/Producer/Camera/Editor: Will Holland. Second Camera: Neal Dahlgren

marfa dreaming

we drove into in marfa, tx last night after a couple of crazy/beautiful days in new york. the wonderful Liz Lambert invited us to come down here for El Cosmico’s Trans-Pecos Music Festival. to say that we are happy to be here the understatement of the century.

the serenity and good feeling of this little west Texas town is extraordianry. so far we have met quite a few good folks, but by far our favorite has been young Jack Maverick whose picture you will see here. he had on old Carhartt overalls and Toms and was just about the best looking little man. talk about your festival style…

oh and Patty Griffin, Robert Plant, Barbara Lynn and Tift Merritt last night under the brilliant marfa stars wasn’t too shabby either…

more tomorrow. love carrie and amanda.

patty and robert

eggs at cochineal

jack maverick


barbara lynn

Matt's Motorcycle Trip: Day Four

Day four and all is well with Matt and Eron in the Rockies. Matt sent this text last night. He’s headed home tomorrow.

We're at 13,000 ft. It was a bitch getting there. Eron killed it today! 
Three times we both thought we should turn back. It was the freshly 
fallen snow that finally convinced us to stay the course. 
My boy really encouraged me to push forward. 
I never knew motorcycling was such a team sport, but it is. 
I couldn't have done it without him!

Matt's Motorcycle Trip: Day 3

Matt checked in from the road today. He sent us the picture above of what he called “the road not taken” and a quick note containing a small world story. Here’s what he had to say:

Met a lawyer from KY. His ex-wife lives a couple a doors down from us 
in Henderson.... crazy who you meet when you're on the road. 
Camped out last night on the mountain. 
It was pretty cold but it was a lot of fun. On the way back north now. 
Trails, trails and more trails. This us a great experience!!!!

Matt's Motorcycle Trip: Day 2

Matt zipped us an email this AM from Leadville before he and Eron hit the road. Here’s what he had to say:

We are heading two hours south to Medano Pass
23 miles south of Westcliffe
This will be the longest ride of our trip. 
Really should take us the better part of today and tomorrow. 
Obviously it's not far, but remember most of this is off road
 and all the trails thus far have been rated moderate/difficult. 
Wish us a safe trip and I'll report back after it's done!  
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Matt's Motorcycle Trip: Day 1

And they’re off!

Matt and Eron left Golden this morning on their much-anticipated motorcycle tour of Colorado. Today’s destination: Leadville, a Victorian-era frontier mining town where the guys are spending the night.

“We rode 150 miles today, all off road,” he texted at about 6 pm. “Amazing! But it’s freezing.” (WeatherUnderground is reporting 27 degrees as the high tonight there with a 30 percent chance of snow.) 

We’ll have more from our man in the Rockies tomorrow. Until then, enjoy some of photos of Day One, as well as a few selects from Colorado photographer James Holden’s shots of Matt and Eron getting preparing to launch.