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Matt’s Motorcycle Trip: Day Four

Day four and all is well with Matt and Eron in the Rockies. Matt sent this text last night. He’s headed home tomorrow.

We're at 13,000 ft. It was a bitch getting there. Eron killed it today! 
Three times we both thought we should turn back. It was the freshly 
fallen snow that finally convinced us to stay the course. 
My boy really encouraged me to push forward. 
I never knew motorcycling was such a team sport, but it is. 
I couldn't have done it without him!

Matt’s Motorcycle Trip: Day 3

Matt checked in from the road today. He sent us the picture above of what he called “the road not taken” and a quick note containing a small world story. Here’s what he had to say:

Met a lawyer from KY. His ex-wife lives a couple a doors down from us 
in Henderson.... crazy who you meet when you're on the road. 
Camped out last night on the mountain. 
It was pretty cold but it was a lot of fun. On the way back north now. 
Trails, trails and more trails. This us a great experience!!!!

Matt’s Motorcycle Trip: Day 2

Matt zipped us an email this AM from Leadville before he and Eron hit the road. Here’s what he had to say:

We are heading two hours south to Medano Pass
23 miles south of Westcliffe
This will be the longest ride of our trip. 
Really should take us the better part of today and tomorrow. 
Obviously it's not far, but remember most of this is off road
 and all the trails thus far have been rated moderate/difficult. 
Wish us a safe trip and I'll report back after it's done!  
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Matt’s Motorcycle Trip: Day 1

And they’re off!

Matt and Eron left Golden this morning on their much-anticipated motorcycle tour of Colorado. Today’s destination: Leadville, a Victorian-era frontier mining town where the guys are spending the night.

“We rode 150 miles today, all off road,” he texted at about 6 pm. “Amazing! But it’s freezing.” (WeatherUnderground is reporting 27 degrees as the high tonight there with a 30 percent chance of snow.) 

We’ll have more from our man in the Rockies tomorrow. Until then, enjoy some of photos of Day One, as well as a few selects from Colorado photographer James Holden’s shots of Matt and Eron getting preparing to launch.

on the road: all dialed in!

 After many months of planning, (5 to be exact) we are about to take off!  Spent the better part of yesterday adjusting to the altitude.  We traveled up to 10,000 feet then back down and today i feel great!  So after a quick trip to the Kawasaki dealership for a new front fender, we should be good!  Just want to make sure everything is all dialed in!

On the Road Again: Colorado Edition

At the time of this post, Matt was cruising out of Hays, Kansas, on his way to Golden, Colorado – home of Coors and Eron Turnipseed, his childhood best friend. After he arrives, the guys are gonna hit the road together for a five-day motorcycle trip through the Rockies to road test our new fall line. Check this space for his daily updates from the road starting this weekend.

Love Fades……..

Join us this thursday september the 15th at imogene and willie for another Love Fades photo session. Joshua Black Wilkins will be here from 1-7pm to take photos of you wearing your jeans.  Don’t miss this opportunity to show us how your Love has Faded!