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Ian Jackson

Anyone who knows me is aware that I like to keep it “high and tight” when it comes to my hair, and for that matter, most every other aspect of my life. For this reason it has come as quite a shock to our team that I have lately resorted to strolling into work in a ball cap and sneakers, not with a well-groomed quaff and Red Wings. Preparing our fall line, and trying to be a good husband and new father: these things have taken their style toll.

In short, people are starting to tell me I look more and more “like a dad.” While I have no problem with “dad style” (after all, Free & Easy loves it), at 26, I don’t want to let it get out of hand.

In good humor Matt handed me this $20 bill today and told me to go get my haircut. Evidently Matt and Jonathan thought it worth a few minutes of work time to whip this up Photoshop.

Needless to say, I took him up on his offer. Thanks to Matt & Jonathan, Ian Jackson is now Ian Leach once again.

To all the husbands, dads, and hard workers out there, give yourself a pat on the back…and don’t forget to get your haircut. Just tell ‘em it’s on Matt.

- ian @ i+w

jot it down……..

Sometimes the difference between having a great idea and applying a great idea is a convenient place to jot it down. Whether the contents of this book are intended to be shared or kept secret, we hope that having it with you makes all the difference.

Love, i+w