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Sizing Questions

From: Alice

To: Rhett

Subject: Sizing Questions

Dear Rhett,

I’m writing from North Dakota. Since reading about you in Martha Stewart Living, I have been consumed by wanting your clothing! 

I have a few questions about sizing/styles. I’ve been debating between Alice Stretch and Imogene Stretch. What is the rise difference? I want a pair that I can wear with different shoes, which is why I was leaning toward Alice – that and I am named after my late, amazing Great Aunt Alice.

I also love the Leo shirts. Is the sizing in women’s? And Clyde… sweet Clyde. Could that be worn as a dress or over jeans? Like, either Alice or Imogene? I would really appreciate your advice. I love clothing that is timeless and practical. Being a nursing mom, Leo would be handy. And both Leo and Clyde are classics.

My husband has work contacts in Nashville. I’ve always wanted to go, but since hearing about I+W I am dying to visit!

Thanks so much,


From: Rhett

To: Alice

Subject: Re. Sizing Questions

Dear Alice,

First of all, you are my kinda woman. Your questions are perfect and you brought up so many good things – Martha Stewart, wearing different shoes, Leo, Clyde (my favorite), and some words I love: practical and timeless. YOU, my friend, are the perfect candidate for Imogene + Willie clothing. Plus you’re a nursing mom – and who doesn’t love a nursing mom?!

First things first:

The rise of the Imogene is 9 inches

The rise of the Alice is 8 inches.

You said you’re leaning toward Alice, but in my opinion, our Imogene is the fit for you. This is because if you hem her to the ground when you’re standing flat-footed, she goes with every shoe: a flip-flop, sandal, a high-heel, tennis shoe, over a boot, tucked into a boot… all of these work. Don’t worry about her being a little short when you wear heels: because Imogene is a straight leg jean, she actually looks really good when she is a little short. It’s also a great way to show off the shoes that you probably paid some money for and have been covering up.

On to tops. To answer your question, our Leo shirt is unisex. We recommend that a woman who normally wears a 0-4 get an XS; size small fits a regular 6-8; and a medium is perfect for sizes 10-12. Still, I have a soft spot for Clyde. And she’s perfect for you, especially right now: the neckline unbuttons far enough down for you to be able to nurse while wearing it.

I am thinking ahead here and want to point out all of the ways you can wear Clyde, so you can get the biggest bang for your buck. You can wear her under a blazer, a cardigan or a denim jacket – heck, you can even wear her under a fur. Clyde looks great with a big scarf and – to answer your question – she can easily be worn over a jean or a legging. In the spring, people like to wear her alone, as a dress, with a flip-flop, sandal or high heel. Some women even wear her barefooted, over their bathing suits.

Alice, I hope this helps you. I hang around with many new mothers so I know that right now you need to be able to grab some clothes off of the floor and go without having to worry about whether you look good or not. Let me say, my dear, that Imogene + Willie is perfect for you, ‘cause as I can attest, all of our pieces look great worn right off the floor. It doesn’t hurt that they’re instant classics, too.

I hope this helps you make your decision. Be well – and take care of that baby!


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Will x Imogene + Willie

Eugene, Oregon’s Will Leather Goods collaboration tote bag with Imogene + Willie. Nice and big for all your stuff. $75 each.

yes please………

Leonardo Da Vinci

A lost work by Leonardo da Vinci has been found in a private American collection. The painting ” Salvator Mundi,” (below) which shows Christ raising his hand in blessing, will be unveiled a the National Gallery in London later this year.

“Salvator Mundi” has been authenticated by experts as the missing Leonardo painting once owned by Charles I and Charles II. The painting was known to exist due to documentation and a 1750’s engraving by Wenceslaus Hollar. The last important Leonardo discovery was a hundred years ago.

The painting is devotional image of oil on wood panel that is comparable in size to Leonardo’s St. John the Baptist. The restoration process began with the hope that the painting might be by Leonardo, and the restorers were proved right.

The owners of the painting are a consortium of dealers, including Robert Simon, and the work is speculated to be worth around $200 million.

hang on……

time to put down roots

2.5 years later…matt and i just sold our house in kentucky.  so it’s time now to finally put down our roots in tennessee.

dreaming of a bare square of dirt to build a box where we can rest!  or… if you have any ideas for us…some building needing some love, please do let us know.


Free men being free.


Highlining and base jumping in the Verdon Gorge, France. Gorgeous and exhilarating.

let's get it on!