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i+w mixtape

This time of year, there’s no shortage of best-of lists naming the top songs released in 2011. Instead of adding to that traffic with our own end-of-year roundup, we decided to collect the names of songs we’ve each been listening to a lot recently, no matter what year they were recorded.


Every person on our staff played along, sharing the name of a favorite tune, as well as some background on what made it their choice (read their descriptions in this week’s our voice). The result is a diverse bunch of songs that, when played together, create a one-of-a-kind soundtrack to our lives.


We hope you enjoy listening to this very special mixed tape as much as we enjoyed putting it together.


-the imogene + willie family


Happy Holidays

edward ruscha

Ed Ruscha had consistently mingled his context of Los Angeles with the motifs of language and landscape to communicate a particular urban experience. Encompassing photography, drawing, painting and film, Ruscha’s work elevates the viewer out of the banality of urban life in order to recognized the barrage of mass media-fed images and information that assault us daily. His early career as a graphic artist continues to strongly influence Ruscha’s aesthetic and thematic approach.


Whether you’re hunting for big game or the perfect Christmas present, Willie oil cloth is the perfect pant to wear on your mission.

As part of our new series of field tests, Matt “I’m Not a Hunter But I Play One on TV” Eddmenson set out earlier today in a vintage Woolrich stag jacket (check out this week’s 1/1 for more on that) and a pair of our new buckle-backs in search of big game – specifically, the University of Kentucky’s NCAA basketball game.

On the way down 12th Avenue South to Edley’s Bar-B-Que, where Matt planned to catch the match on big-screen TV, he and Lale were distracted by a tough-looking gang of squirrels – the very bane of our shop dog’s existence – and ended up on a wild chase.

Several hours later, they returned from their impromptu hunting trip, empty handed (stupid squirrel) and without having seen game of any variety – in the wild or Edley’s bar, either one – but with the firm knowledge that Willie Oil cloth is built to look good wherever your day (or your dog) takes you.

ask rhett: incredible shrinking Blue Jeans

To: Rhett

From: Mimi
Subject: Incredible Shrinking Blue Jeans
Dear Rhett-
I got some Imogenes last February. The sales lady talked me into buying two sizes smaller than I needed, saying that they would loosen up. The jeans loosened up enough so that I could wear them, but they were still tight. I put them away at the beginning of summer (it’s too hot here to wear tight jeans), so they’ve been hanging there, unwashed, for about five months.
Sooo, I tried them back on today and I swear they fit more like the first time I tried them on. This leads me to wonder if I have gained weight (I don’t own a scale) or if these jeans shrink back to their original size a bit if you don’t wear them. Are these babies like a penis, meaning they shrink when they’re not being loved on, or am I just fat?
Looking forward to your expert advice,

From: Rhett

To: Mimi

Subject: Re. Incredible Shrinking Blue Jeans
Dear Mimi
I’m not really an expert in anything – least of all shrinking penises. But since you asked …
First things first: We here at Imogene + Willie like to fit people in jeans that are snugger than they are probably used to. Why? Because we know how much they’re gonna stretch. The more you wear them, the looser they’ll get, until your movement molds them into the perfect shape.
The thing that throws people off sometimes about our jeans is that when they come in to the store, we put them in jeans that probably fit a lot better than the ones they’re used to wearing. Men especially have become accustomed to buying jeans that are way too big for them; most guys’ jeans out there are cut too baggy, which means men come in our store all the time with absolutely no idea what their actual jeans size is.
People are used to their brand-new jeans bagging out in the knees and butt literally an hour after they put them on for the first time. This is especially true for girls, who choose jeans based on whether or not they give them a muffin top or make lines in the back of their legs. Well, in the case of our jeans, we’ve found that the size that might initially give you a slight muffin top and put a few wrinkles behind your thighs is actually the pair you should go for, because they’re definitely gonna give a little and then be perfect.
I know: It’s hard to psych yourself up to make a big jean purchase when you feel like you’re stuffed into them. But that’s what I’m here for – to cheer you on!
Back to your actual question. Mimi, as cute as your scenario is about those Imogenes drawing up during the five months they spent hanging in your closet, I can tell you in no uncertain terms that they did not shrink.
You say you don’t own a scale? Well, neither do I. What I do have is a pair of Imogene + Willie jeans, which I’ve been known to call “Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself” jeans. In my case, if I can fit into the first pair of Willies I bought, I’m good; if they’re tight, I know I need to cut back on the popsicles.
So, in summary, I can promise that Imogene + Willie jeans will help you stay skinny.
Be well,

Anderson: Field Test

Imogene + Willie is very serious about the durability of our clothes. We put our garments through major stress tests and expose each piece to the most extreme conditions: cold, heat, water, wind… tennis.

Our new Anderson sweatshirt passed the extensive Arctic and Sahara road tests earlier this year with flying colors. The question was, could it survive an afternoon on the backs of Ronald and Sissy, the most hardcore racqueteers on 12th Avenue South?

Winning is the name of the game with the hyper-competitive R&S, whose relationship we honestly can’t quite get a handle on. (According to Ronald, “We don’t really know ourselves: it’s continuously being questioned and redefined.” Ooookay.) Are-the-or-aren’t-they? is really beside the point when they take the court: these powerhouses take their opponent – not to mention their clothes – to the brink and back again.

Earlier this week, we challenged R&S to put our heavyweight French terrycloth pullover though the paces on the tennis courts at Sevier Park. Anderson’s wide-rib and flat-lock construction proved to be impervious to the stretching that results from deep lobs, staccato volleys, major slices and overhand smashes.

Anderson’s a winner – game, set, match.  

6 Over – Kick Start

file under: LIFE

i+w holiday gift guide

Women’s gift guide
1. Dale Horween Leather Vest

2. Wool Socks*

3. Vintage Leather Belts*

4. Zip Card Case – Billy Kirk*

5. Dhurrie Tool Bag – Will Leather Goods*

6. The Gas Station (Locally Roasted I+W Coffee)

7. Anderson – The new I+W sweatshirt

8. Apothia Crismukkah Candle*

9. I+W Gift Card

10. Turquoise Jewelry*

11. Alice Plus Wash

12. I+W Wool Watch Cap

13. I+W Pocket Notebooks

14. Vintage Winter Furs*
(* indicates products that are available in store only)

Mens’ Holiday Gift Guide
1. Otis James Neckties*

2. Hall CPO

3. I+W Gift Card

4. The Gas Station (Locally Roasted I+W Coffee)

5. Wool Socks*

6. Barton Plus Wash

7. I+W Pocket Notebooks

8. Plus Tee*

9. Card Cases – Billy Kirk *

10. Trail Oxford – Oak Street Bootmakers*

11. I+W Wool Watch Cap

12. Apothia Crismukkah Candle*

13. Otis James Bowtie*

14. I+W x Will Goods Tote
(* indicates products that are available in store only)