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ask rhett: winter hunting advice

To: Rhett

From: Kyle
Subject: Cold weather hunting advice
I’m in Alaska and my Bartons and I are going polar bear hunting. Have any tips for me?
Thanks a million,


From: Rhett

To: Kyle

Subject: Re. Cold weather hunting advice
Dear Kyle -
I’m going to share a little method my Poppy taught me in kindergarten. Follow these simple steps and you should have yourself a polar bear in no time:

+ Cut a hole in the ice.

+ Put peas around the hole.

+ When the polar bear comes to take a pea, kick him in the ice hole

Hope you have better luck than I did, ‘cause back in kindergarten when I shared this tips with my teacher I got detention.
Be well!


Ice Cube Drops The Eames Knowledge

ian + hencye

When our production manager, Ian, isn’t at I+W, he enjoys spending his time in the out-of-doors. Camping and climbing, bonfires with friends, playing with his son Everett: these activities require garments that are practical and will stand the test of dirt, smoke, scree, and spit-up to name a few.

“More so now than ever, my personal style is an extension of who I am,” says Ian. “I admire certain qualities and keep these things in mind when I buy anything: subtlety, utility, timelessness, sustainability, and discernment. I spend a lot of time and often money looking like I didn’t spend any time or any money on how I look. In short, I’m picky.

The most stylish man in the world to me is the aged outdoorsman, specifically the late naturalist, Dick Proenneke; he might be my style icon. I usually ask myself before buying clothing, ‘Would someone over 50 wear this?’ If the answer is yes, then it’s passed the first test.”

Though we feel someone under 50 would easily wear Hencye, this concept of uniquely generic is exactly the direction we took when designing this pant. It is very small details that make it special to the discriminating eye, but by and large Hencye is a pair of work pants. This was our intention, not to reinvent the wheel, but rather refine it.

“I wanted a pair of double-knees canvas pants (remember: “utility” is one of my core values), but no one who actually does physical labor today has my physique. I’ve always been frustrated by this and that rugged has traditionally meant ill-fitting. With Hencye, our goal was to make an authentic pair of work pants with a more tailored fit.”

Hencye is the culmination of ideas for a pant that satisfies Ian’s virtues. If you’re anything like him, we think you’ll love it.

“I sort of want to set back every pair we’re making in my size. Why sell them to other folks when I might need them for a rainy day?”

Luckily for you, Ian has agreed to part with at least a few pairs in size 29.

live and skate in kabul

if you’ve never seen it, take a moment today to watch “skateistan: to live and skate in kabul.” it will inspire. love, amanda

"Hero" by Miguel Endara

“Saturday Night Live’s” Thanksgiving hiatus ended with an episode hosted b

“Saturday Night Live’s” Thanksgiving hiatus ended with an episode hosted by “Boardwalk Empire” star Steve Buscemi, accompanied by musical guest The Black Keys.

The band played two songs off of their upcoming album, “El Camino,” which hits stores Dec. 6. They kicked off with “Lonely Boy,” their latest single, and closed the show with “Gold On the Ceiling.”

They named “El Camino” after the Chevy van — the band still owns a 1994 El Camino. The band tells NPR that they made an effort not to polish or over-produce the new music. “We still try to avoid spending too much time on any particular song,” drummer Patrick Carney says. “We’ve realized that it does negatively affect the song if you overthink it.” Despite efforts to wing it, they spent 40 days in the studio working on the record — more, they say, than they spent on any previous record. They recorded alternate versions of several of the songs that wound up on the record, but they made sure that the album maintains a live-performance feel. “Playing live in the room together is the most important thing,” says singer Dan Auerbach. “There’s no playing to click tracks or anything like that, so tempos may speed up or slow down slightly. I think it only adds to the part of music that Pat and I are drawn to, which is rough and not so perfect.”

Source: Zap 2 It

190th anniversary of Mont Blanc

In celebration of the 190th anniversary of the invention of the chronograph, luxury watchmakers Mont Blanc have begun a competition inviting amateur filmmakers to submit short films exploring the idea of creating beauty in one second’s time. Here is the first round of videos set to music. 60 films, one second each.