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ask rhett : pen pals

Dear Rhett,


I was just checking to see if my order has gone out.


Thanks so much,




Dear Lindsay,


I am not exactly sure. I am going to assume that it has gone out. Our online manager Jessica is gone for the holidays this weekend. She will be back in


the shop on Tuesday. If I can get some info about your order, I will let you know. Sorry for the not-so-helpful answer.


Be well,







OK, I just had to write to say the jeans arrived. And although I felt like I needed some boot hooks to get them over my hips (not to mention a vise grip to get them buttoned), I’ve had them on for about an hour and swear they are going to fit just right. (My natural waist measures 31, my hips 33; I bought the 29×34.). My husband mocked me for doing squats in the kitchen to loosen them up. Continue Reading →

supper + song : nikki lane

here’s a  wonderful video of our christmas supper + song with nikki lane. it was a good cozy night in the station.
we do our best to have a  supper + song each 3rd thursday of the month.  everyone’s always invited!


just in! new boots: the beckham

last week a new batch of boots arrived in our store fresh from our friend Zip Stevenson in LA.


These vintage jump boots are cropped around the neck area to slightly higher above ankle, with white piping added on top. The tongue is kept at its original length, and the old soles have been stripped and replaced with white Cushion soles.


After Zip shipped us the boots, he followed up with some pictures of David Beckham picking up a pair from him in LA. So we’re dubbing them “The Beckham”


Stop by and check ‘em out



the civil wars

In this week’s our voice, Joy Williams and John Paul White shared a handful of intimate behind-the-scenes photos. As fans of the The Civil Wars ever since we were lucky enough to have them for a supper + song two summers ago, everyone here in nashville sure is looking forward to them playing the Ryman next week.


In our search to find the perfect video to share, we gave up because they are all so good. Here are two favorites…



gum + denim

To: Rhett

From: Kevin

Subject: Gum on my Bartons


Dear Rhett-

As I was flying home yesterday, I was horrified to find that I had sat in some gum and really ground it into the back of my one-month-old Barton Rigids. Fortunately, it isn’t too huge of a spot, but I am struggling with what to do. I have attempted to get the gum out by hand, but that is pretty fruitless at this point.


Thanks for your help.

Kevin Isaacs


From: Rhett

To: Isaac


Subject: Re. Gum on my Bartons



Oddly enough, this very thing happened to me, though I wasn’t on a plane.I am an avid gum chewer and went to bed with gum in my mouth. Went to bed in his jeans, you might ask? OK, let’s be honest: after a big night out, I stumbled to my room and fell into bed, obviously not caring what was on my body or in my mouth.


When i woke up, the gum was in my arm hair and between my legs. I have no idea how this happened. I’m lucky the spot on my jeans wasn’t visible: I washed them in cold water, hung them to dry, and, because I like the rigid, non-broken-in look, ironed them with spray starch. You can still see where the gum was a little bit, but I don’t mind.


Here are two remedies you can try. Both involve freezing the gum. Keep in mind that neither is guaranteed to work, but it never hurts to try.


- Rub an ice cube on the gummed-up spot. When the residue freezes, it should be relatively easy to scrape off.

- Place the jeans in the freezer for an hour or more; as with the ice cube, the frozen gum should peel right off.


In either case, when you get the spot clean, rub dish soap into any leftover stain with a soft clean cloth and launder as usual.


good luck!

Be well,


happy new year