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“Within our lifetimes, we’ve marveled as biologists have managed to look at ever smaller and smaller things. And astronomers have looked further and further into the dark night sky, back in time and out in space. But maybe the most mysterious of all is neither the small nor the large: it’s us, up close. Could we even recognize ourselves, and if we did, would we know ourselves? What would we say to ourselves? What would we learn from ourselves? What would we really like to see if we could stand outside ourselves and look at us”

-Richard Berendzen


go through your boxes

sorry for the sap, but i have something to say! and it’s not about fashion!!
matt and i got a call 2 years and 11 and a half months ago from our realtor in nashville, alerting us that the owner of the gas station (now home of i+w), had finally agreed to lease the building to us. Continue Reading…

unchanging values

there remains a convincing argument that long-lived companies are able to thrive many, many years by retaining a very small heart of unchanging values, and then stimulating progress in everything else. at times “everything” may include changing the business the company operates in…migrating, say, from mining to insurance.

outside the core of values, nothing should be exempt from flux. NOTHING.

p.s. pat has been in this spot for 35 yrs…jus’ sayin’…

call it home

A film about place and memory, a farmhouse in Japan, and the lives of the people who called it home.