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supper + song announcement

The cat is out of the bag! the mystery guest for the 2012 supper + song season kickoff is none other than Nashville chanteuse Karen Elson. we’re thrilled to have Karen and the amazing Kate Tucker making beautiful music in our backyard tomorrow, Wednesday, April 25.


Be here by 6 pm to catch Kate, followed by Karen and her band at about 7. as usual, this party is BYOB, though you can count on the lovely ladies at Mas Tacos to keep your tummies full. Hope to see everyone tomorrow!


file under: white magic woman

My in-the-know friend LCP recently forwarded me a link to an amazing photo gallery that I can’t get out of my mind: an installment in a killer irregular fashion feature on the website of the Australian magazine Oyster called “Street Style Before Street Style,” devoted to the one, the only Stevie Nicks. I’ve posted two of the images here; the rest can be found by clicking here.

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the tradition continues: supper + song is back!

Winter is over and warm weather is here. And in imogene + willie world, that can only mean one thing: the return of our annual supper + song series!


Next Wednesday, April 25 – and the third Wednesday of every month through the summer and into fall – we’ll open the backyard to welcome our neighbors and friends, old and new, for an evening of wonderful music and conversation.


We’re kicking off the 2012 s+s series with a two very special performances. Local singer-songwriter Kate Tucker will play first at 6 pm. A little after 7 pm, our main act will cue up their band.


Who is this mystery guest, you may ask? That’s for us to know and you to guess as we release a series of hints about their identity via our Twitter feed (follow us at @imogenewillie) every day through Tuesday, when we’ll finally make the big reveal. We assure you, this person is well worth the wait.


As always, supper + song is free and open to the public. Bring a blanket and your own beverages; the Mas Tacos truck will be on hand selling snacks starting around 5 pm. Things tend to wind down by 8:30, so plan to get there on the early side.


Mark your calendars: You won’t want to miss this one!


Pints & Pistons, Part 2

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines!

On Saturday, April 28, Matt’s hosting the second installment of Pints & Pistons, imogene + willie’s very own motorcycle rally. This time around, it’s a combo show-and-tell and ride. Continue Reading…


ov outtake

We couldn’t fit everything we wanted into this week’s Our Voice, an interview with John Gourley, founder and leader of the Portland, Oregon, band Portugal. The Man. So instead of leaving everything on the cutting room floor, we decided to print a little more here on the blog. Here, he explains why more is often too much, whether you’re talking clothes, music or band gear: Continue Reading…

file under: solitary life

Dead River Rough Cut” – The most requested movie at the Maine State Prison.  This documentary follows Bob Wagg and Walter Lane who live in a tarpaper shack, hunting, fishing, trapping and logging with oxen. Similar in nature to the famous “Alone in the Wilderness”  but as you can see from the videos, these boys are cut from a different cloth.  Covering a period of four seasons in the remote backwoods of Maine, Dead River Rough Cut presents a revealing look at an individual way of life.



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why we do it the way we do

we launch our little spring collection in five days. monday night, april 9th.

in the case that you are reading, i wanted to sit down and write to you prior to the launch and share a little bit about why we do things the way we do…. Continue Reading…


File Under: ‘Mad’ style

We’re big Mad Men fans at Imogene + Willie, so it was quite a kick to be cruising around Pinterest (check out our page here) and see a shot of actor John Slattery – aka MM’s rogue ad man Roger Sterling, aka The Silver Fox of AMC – wearing our Leo with no less than a Gucci suit and cute striped socks. Continue Reading…