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memorial day

I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives.  I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him.  ~Abraham Lincoln

captured: the looker

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we’re feeling fest-ive

Bonnaroo starts two weeks from today – and we’re getting excited. Although the I+W crew isn’t closing up shop and heading to Manchester (our blue jeans don’t make themselves!), we are celebrating the mighty festival to the east with a big party in our backyard on Thursday, June 7.


Some of you guys might remember the shindig we threw on the same night last year with Billy Reid, featuring music by Deer Tick, Apache Relay, Justin Townes Earle and a special solo appearance by Dan Auerbach. For this year’s lineup, we are stocking the bill with some of our favorite local performers (you don’t have to actually play the ‘Roo to get our love) including – you got it – another very special mystery guest. We’ll announce the complete lineup next week, so watch this space.


The fun goes from 5 until 9. As always, our backyard parties are free and open to all ages. Plan on eats by Mas Tacos as well as a smattering of other Nashville restaurants we love; same for drinks: we’ve got some visiting bartenders lined up, so come thirsty! Otherwise, you can BYOB and a blanket. But please leave your cigarettes at home: as of this week, Imogene + Willie is officially a smoke-free environment.


See you on June 7!

refueled magazine

Big thanks to our good friend Chris Brown for the multiple shout-outs in the new issue of Refueled Magazine. Co-starring i+w family and friends – Dave Gilbert, Brian Awitan, Matt Eddmenson and Lauren Wilkins.



“Shelter is more than a roof over your head, it’s the feeling of warmth and security.  It’s best described by walking into our house.  When people walk in there, they feel it.  It’s not science.” – Lloyd Kahn



captured: mr. mustachio

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we cropped our pants


watch our new Elizabeth Crop come to life in this peppy short film, then head to our online store or drop by to the shop to score the newest member of our ever-growing denim family for yourself. available in two vivid summer hues, Elizabeth Crop is destined to be your new warm weather go-to jean.


special thanks to the men  behind the camera: Tony Czech and Chad Davis.

File Under: Happy Last Year on Earth

I’ve been trying to get my head around cable TV’s attempt to brainwash me into believing the world’s going to end on December 21st, 2012, for some time now. It’s like an Indiana Jones movie that’s not been written yet!


So I set off to get a little clarification on the matter through a very trusted source known as the Internet! But seriously, I did find out some interesting things about the date known as “the day the world ends.”

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Austin Vince Slideshow

We’re really pleased to be partnering with our friend Patrick Keeler to host a presentation by renowned British adventure motorcyclist Austin Vince – this week’s Our Voice subject – in the backyard next Tuesday.


Who is Austin Vince?


Quite simply, according to his press release, he’s one of Europe’s most respected adventure motorcyclists. He’s also one of the funniest. He’s the man behind the cult movies Mondo Enduro and Terra Circa. They are well established as the first two adventure motorcycle films ever made.


It all started back in ’95 when Austin and company set out to ride around the world via the longest route possible on their secondhand Suzuki DR 350s. En route, they became embroiled in a 400 mile roadless section of Siberia that they nicknamed “The Zilov Gap.” After this dispiriting section, they clattered another 2,000 miles, becoming the first Europeans ever to get to Magadan via the so-called “Road of Bones.” This was immediately followed by the 18,000 mile trip from Alaska to Chile, then another 10,000 miles from South Africa back to London. All this occurred in an age before mobile phones and the internet; they were totally unsupported and unsponsored (Suzuki famously wouldn’t even give them a free spark plug!).


The year 2001 saw Austin and his crew filming themselves crossing Russia once more (on the same bikes) and finally conquering the Zilov Gap. This made them the first team to get across Siberia without using the train. By riding on to New York, the Terra Circa team firmly established the template that Ewan MacGregor’s Long Way Round TV show would eventually copy.


Upon his return, Vince couldn’t get a single TV channel interested in running his footage. How the tapes came to be edited and ended up on Discovery is a very long story indeed.


Currently, Austin is doing presentations about his trips across the USA. His talks are legendary on the adventure travel scene. He pushes home the core message that anyone can do this stuff, and that it’s far easier than the celebs want you to think it is.


Austin’s presentation is about two hours and is possibly the best ADV rider show in the UK. However, it’s not all knobbly tires and sprockets: He covers a massive range of subjects, including team building, low-budget adventure biking, Spaghetti Westerns, Soviet iconography, ’60s garage bands, and Super 8 cameras. It’s all woven together by the narrative of the 2001 Terra Circa expedition and that team’s fairly legendary first crossing of the Zilov Gap. Best of all, Austin’s message is totally aspirational and inclusive as he hammers home the simple fact that ANYONE can motorcycle around the world on pretty much any machine.


For more information on Austin Vince and his amazing history, check out


Austin Vince will present his slide show at Imogene + Willie on Tuesday, May 8. The fun will start around 6 pm, with Vince’s presentation starting at dusk. Snacks will be on hand, but feel free to BYOB and a blanket. Admission is a $5 suggested donation that goes directly to help Vince continue his traveling show.

design intern wanted!


imogene + willie is an exciting, forward thinking company that specializes in…wait…just joking!


We’re looking for a talented, motivated, super-badass designer to intern at I+W over the summer.


The ideal candidate should be experienced in Photoshop, inDesign and Illustrator.   You don’t have to be a hand -coding ninja, but knowing your way around html and css will put you at the top of our list.


This is an unpaid position that will require between 10 and 20 hours of work per week to assist in design, layout and photo editing.  Applicants should live in or near Nashville. Students welcome!


If you know of anyone or are someone who might be interested, please send a resume and some examples of your best work to


Only the best need apply!




p.s. A few words of encouragement: I responded to a post very similar to this one year ago. Through like mindedness and a twist of fate, I am now the one looking for my own intern to help tackle our ever-growing list of design related-projects.