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“Do what you love. It’s going to lead to where you wanna go.” – Wayne White

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My i+w adventures have brought me to SoCal for a good bit, overseeing some production. As you can see from this photo, I fit right in.



captured: the wonder couple

 Wayne + Debbie Goodwyn

 captured by Heidi Jewell in East Nashville

It’s hard to beat a classic white shirt and jeans, even if it’s a Wonders On Woodland “uniform” shirt. Simple, straightforward, ready for any job. Jeans are the workhorse of my (Wayne’s) wardrobe, and my Willies are standouts. I’m a minimalist at heart, so I don’t accessorize, although the thinner my hair gets, the more I like hats! Deb’s style is definitely fun and casual, with a little jazz from her vintage accessories.

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leo three dot: short sleeves are in

Our Leo Three Dot is now available with short sleeves! Lightly antiqued western pearl snaps with visible selvage on the placket. The long sleeve version was featured in GQ’s April issue. Please call the shop to order at (615) 292-5005.

our choice: an awesome book

There are places in the world where people dream up dreams

so simply un-fantastical and practical they seem

to lose all possibility of thinking super things

of dancing wild animals with diamond-coated wings

instead they dream of furniture

of buying a new hat

of owning matching silverware

can you imagine that?


An Awesome Book by Dallas Clayton is well… just that. We love the pure and simple message, the incredible drawings and the playful reminder to dream big, for both kids and adults. Brendan Leonard wrote a great article about it here.

help wanted

We’re looking for an awesome graphic design assistant at i+w… think it might be you?


Job Description:

  • Graphic Design Assistant – Entry Level
  • Position is part time: 15-30 hours/week. Weekdays only. Schedule would need to be flexible week to week.
  • Candidate must be proficient in the following programs: Photoshop, Word and Excel. Must be web savvy. Experience with photo retouching, code and WordPress is a huge bonus.
  • Must live in Nashville.


If this seems up your alley, please email your resume and examples of your work to

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Carrie and I have always loved street art. I even think I got her to fall in love with me by showing off some of my own street art – of course it was in my living room and it was on canvas… but hell, you get the picture. This leads me to Wooster Collective. Wooster Collective is all things street art and features artists from some of the farthest corners of the world. If you have time, poke around this site and see if your perception of art changes… even if it’s just a little.



Credits:  (Above art) Banksy

captured: have a little faeth

 Jodi Faeth

 captured by Heidi Jewell in Marathon Village, Nashville

After having a baby five months ago, my style has definitely changed somewhat. Simplicity is key for me now. A pair of jeans, a tank and a vintage piece of jewelry is my go-to. Comfort and style are easy to achieve!

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cutoff season

It’s that time of year, and we’ve got several cutoff short options available in the shop – the Willie and the Elsie (also available in natural). Call the shop at (615) 292-5005 to order.

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sideshow sign co.


This week’s Our Voice features Luke and Jasmin of Sideshow Sign Co. You may have noticed their beautiful signage around our backyard, but learn more of their fascinating story here.