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our choice: robert glasper experiment


Several weeks ago, Matt and I were asleep but the TV was still on. We both woke up literally at the same time, startled by the musical guest on Jimmy Fallon. We said pretty much in unison, “Who in the hell is this?”


Obviously both captivated by the mesmerizing music, I woke up the next morning and immediately researched Robert Glasper Experiment. I found a bunch of his early stuff, all jazz. Then, finally found what I was looking for: his new record Black Radio. I’ve listened to his rendition of Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit” about a thousand times since. Hope you enjoy it as much as we do.



leather head footballs

New to the shop! These Leather Head footballs are hand-stitched and carefully constructed in the USA. Old school and built to last. Limited availability, in-store only. Please call (615) 292-5005 to order.

urgent blue jean casting call

Can you live without your jeans for two weeks? We’re having a “hall of fame” exhibition show in New York to share the best of the best from our customers. The more worn-in, worn-out and well-loved… the better! We’re looking for the Top 25 imogene + willie jeans to be dropped off at the shop as early as tomorrow, but the deadline is Tuesday the 17th. You only have four days! Snap a quick photo on your cell phone and send them to for submission. Due to time constraints, locals only please. Jeans will not be returned until July 31st.


The best part? You’ll get 40% off a brand new pair of jeans!

supper+song resumes next month

supper+song will not be taking place this month, but we’re excited to see you in August! Stay tuned for the announcement in the coming weeks…


Photo by Allister Ann.

captured: get ‘er dunn

 Whitney Dunn

 captured by Heidi Jewell at The Perfect Pair, Green Hills

My closet is full of neutrals and black (and shoes). I’m most comfortable in an old white t-shirt, a great fitting pair of jeans, a funky piece of well-crafted jewelry and a great pair of shoes. Simple clothes with fun accessories. To me, style is about remaining authentic to yourself no matter what you wear.

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File Under: beauty is so boring

enjoy the show

Our beloved Belcourt is a unique Nashville theatre with a vibrant historic past and deep roots in the local community. Open 365 days a year, they showcase great foreign, independent and classic films, as well as musical performances and live theater.


We consider ourselves lucky to work with this nonprofit on ideas for bringing the city together – whether through film, fashion, music or beyond. If you become a member at the Belcourt, you not only receive awesome deals, but also help support the amazing things that they are doing. All members receive film tickets for $5.75, a 20% discount on Belcourt merch and non-alcoholic concessions, discounts on special events and more. Memberships start at just $45 and more information can be found here.


Photo by Karen Alisa.

file under: texas (summer) siren

I was introduced to the photographer and artist Alexandra Valenti via one of my favorite blogs, One Trip Pass.


I am not usually drawn to photography with any imposed medium such as painting. However, Valenti changed my stubborn mind.


Not sure if I enjoy this particular selection of images so much because of the feeling of serenity when being alone in a body of water, or because of the blocks of vibrant colors that she lays on top.


Hoping that you enjoy the images as much as I do.




30% off red wings


We just marked down our Red Wing Iron Ranger boots and have a few sizes left – 7, 7.5, 9, 9.5 and 11.5. Originally $270, now $189. Available in Amber Harness color. Please call the shop to order at (615) 292-5005.


Red Wing Shoes have been around for more than a century and are crafted with premium quality leather and construction to ensure that each pair lasts – regardless of whether your destination requires a hard hat.

captured: chancellor

 Chancellor Warhol

 captured by Heidi Jewell in Inglewood, Tennessee

I’m always inspired by the blue collar style of old, but making it modern with cool sneakers, jewelry and accessories. I feel like the mechanics and steel mill workers of the 40s and 50s dressed better than the models in fashion at the time. Timeless! In hip hop, style is everything, and the best way to differentiate yourself from the pack is trying new things instead of following trends.


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