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captured: in uniform

 Burger Up Crew

 captured by Heidi Jewell in 12 South, Nashville

At Burger Up, the server “uniform” typically consists of a v-neck tee and jeans. Most just so happen to wear imogene + willie denim. This uniform truly captures their style – and it’s fun to see their take on the jeans: Are they cuffed? Are they patched? Are they still stiff? Some might add suspenders or even a hat for more personality.

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we’re having a sale!

As a thank you for a hot summer and to get ready for a cool fall… we’re having a sale! The last bit of our summer collection has been marked up to 60% off! View the online sale HERE, and visit (or call) the shop to purchase the additional in-store only sale items. Limited sizing available, so don’t delay!


In-store only items:

Women’s Plus Wash jean – was $325, now $175 - assorted sizes

Camo Teresa jacket – was $425, now $125 only 2 left

Oil Cloth pant – was $275, now $75 - only 1 left

Hencye pant (brown) – was $225, now $150 - very few left

Plus Wash shorts – was $170, now $65 - assorted sizes

Blank tee (white) – now $15 - assorted sizes

Willie Natural – was $250, now $150

Imogene Natural – was $225, now $135

Elsie Natural – was $225, now $135


*All sales are final, with the exception of Elizabeth pollen and lake which may be exchanged if size is available.

supper + song


supper + song is back in action next week, and we’ve got two beautiful ladies helping us out. Join us Wednesday evening, August 15 for the lovely sounds of Odessa Rose (you may recognize her song from our autumn collection video!) and Courtney Jaye. The fun begins around 6 pm: BYOB and, as always, come hungry because Mas Tacos will be there serving us up in style!

our choice: gabby’s burgers + fries

There are different levels of suffocation one reaches with every hamburger tasted. This evolution starts out at a McDonald’s, tasting that sugar burger for the first time and thinking, “is there anything greater?” Then one day, your grandfather takes you to some greasy spoon out in the middle of nowhere and your taste buds suddenly no longer crave that shriveled up clown burger and you think… could there be more? This, my friend, is a path only discovered by a few meat-eating connoisseurs who dare to go where others will not. To boldly claim a spot in a line where every second of your lunch break will be put to the test. This, my friend, is Gabby’s. Located at 493 Humphreys St. Nashville, TN 37203.


“It’s worth talking about!”


Call ahead to ensure not getting fired from your job. They’ll have it waiting for ya!

Pinterest #DreamInDenim Contest

We’ve teamed up with Anthropologie to host a Pinterest contest for your chance to win a pair of imogene + willie jeans, a plus tee and some other goodies from Anthropologie (valued at over $750). The three winners will be chosen by Matt + Carrie – and we’ve already seen some great entries so far! Get your pin on and read the official details here.

captured: made in kind

 Jessie Magee

 captured by Heidi Jewell in 12 South, Nashville

I dress pretty casually most of the time — Anthropologie is a wear-what-you-like sort of office — but when all else fails, I’ll reach for my denim jacket. It’s worn to shreds, but I think it’s better that way. I’m also a big fan of vintage dresses, bags and jewelry and love my new Imogene Slims (!).

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anthropologie x made in kind


it is our pleasure to announce

imogene + willie

women’s autumn 2012 collection


anthropologie’s made in kind


available on today

coming soon to the imogene + willie gas station in nashville, tennessee


read more about the project here.

thanks for your pants

Thank you for your pants… now come pick them up!


We made a blue jean casting call several weeks ago, as we realized at the very last minute that we wanted to take a bunch of beautiful, stinky pants with us to New York to trick out our loft where we were entertaining new wholesale accounts.


The visits with potential special boutiques all across the globe went really well. But, the best part of the visits: the owners and buyers would sit down, we would start our introductions… but they wouldn’t pay attention! They were too busy looking behind us… AT YOUR PANTS!


In every case, by the end of the meeting, our guests were calling you all by name. “Yeah, I really want a Sam wash or a Alex wash with a little less on the knee.” “I love Katherine as is.” “Paul. I want Paul!”


You were all talked about as if they had known you for years.


Thank you too much for sharing your pants!


- Carrie