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drizzle’s back

Crazy Drizzle’s back with another installment of his hip hop antics. Happy Halloween, y’all.

the real story: TEDx

A couple of months ago, Matt and I accepted the kind invitation from TEDxAtlanta to give a TED talk.

With a massive amount of support from the TEDxAtlanta team and our team at imogene + willie, we spent weeks preparing for the talk. Formal outlines were submitted, the story was written, then… we had to put it into speakable words. That’s where the shit hit the fan!

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most wanted: amazing spiderman comic #129


I sold this to my friend Paul one summer because I needed a new skateboard. I sold it to him for 180 bucks, which was a ton of money back then.


It was my most prized possession, a mint condition Amazing Spiderman #129, first appearance of The Punisher. Now, almost 24 years later, it’s worth 10 times what I sold it to him for. Damn, I want that back!!!!!!!




garage sale this saturday!

Garage sale! This Saturday at the shop… loads of discontinued fabric jeans, samples, prototypes and many more surprises. Starts at 7:00 am – Saturday, October 6th at the gas station. See you soon!