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Tom Sachs is an amazing artist… a sculptor, probably best known for his elaborate recreations and transformations of various modern icons. He also embraces the idea of “showing his work,” meaning all the steps that lead up to the end result are always on display. All seams, joints, screws, foamcore, plywood, everything… left exposed. Nothing is erased or sanded away. Nothing is ever really finished.



go big blue


We love living in Tennessee, but this time of year brings on another layer of homesickness: basketball season with family and friends. There’s not much Kentucky pre-game hype around these parts!


We missed the UK/Maryland game last Friday, because the schedule isn’t engrained in our brains like it was from birth on.


Just printed the schedule for our fridge. Never know… you might need to print one, too! I have yet to go to a city in the WORLD where I didn’t meet a Kentucky fan.






warby parker sneak peek


Today is the day! The Warby Parker showroom opens inside imogene + willie and we’ve got your first look behind-the-scenes. Stop by for the unveiling this evening from 6 – 9 pm to toast with us and try on your favorites. More details can be found here. See you there!

our choice: mikky ekko

Every town, regardless of size, has its hometown heroes. Depending on place, the nature of just what makes someone a hero to their people is unique. But those of us who live vicariously, our responses are interchangeable; it brings us enormous satisfaction to see someone we know “make it,” as if by one less degree we can own a piece of their celebrity. We adore any opportunity to offer up “we told you so,” or try and outdo our friends with just how long we knew a person before “they got big.” Nashville is lucky to have many talented individuals who rise to great things, and because the media’s parascope is currently in this city’s direction, the general public is that much more likely to know about our heroes as well. We’d like to tell you about one of our heroes at i+w, this week’s Our Choice: Mikky Ekko.


We know Mikky as “Steve” and we are proud to have been a longtime believer and supporter of his music for years, even inviting him to perform at i+w in the early stages of our supper+song series (R.I.P.) two years ago. This year, Mikky Ekko inked a deal with RCA and has now released his first proper single entitled “Pull Me Down,” produced by the much-hyped beat-whiz Clams Casino and Mikky himself.


Please take the time to listen to and download “Pull Me Down,” and you too can say “you knew about him before anybody else.” We have a very good feeling you’ll have the opportunity.


warby parker x i+w

Warby Parker x imogene + willie! On Thursday, we are excited to debut the new Warby Parker showroom in the gas station and would love for you to celebrate with us. Warby Parker is a New York-based company that sells prescription eyewear for $95 and donates a pair of glasses to someone in need for each pair sold. The showroom at i+w is the only one in the mid-south, which will make it much more convenient to physically try on frames and place an order.


Come have a drink (provided by The Spirit Run, Nashville’s brand new traveling bespoke bar) and try on some glasses as we party from 6 – 9 pm Thursday night. Learn more on Facebook and RSVP here. Hope to see you there!


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