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one year where: take two

New year, new jeans. Continuing on last year’s tradition, we’re offering everyone who buys a pair of jeans this January (2013) a 40% discount on a fresh pair next January (2014)!


We want to see where your jeans travel this year… Send us your photos and hashtag #oneyearwhere. We’ll be sharing them through Facebook, Twitter and the blog over the coming months. Show us how you wear them!


For those of you who purchased jeans during the promotion last January, please contact us at to receive your discount code.


*Jeans purchased this month with a gift card are not eligible for the One Year Where promotion. The 40% off applies to jeans of equal or lesser value next January 2014.

our choice: new years rulin’s

Each time a new year rolls around, it seems we end up trying to set very big – and oftentimes unrealistic – goals for ourselves. Goals that are focused around an oversized challenge, a pride-boosting accomplishment, or, we wind up disregarding the idea altogether.


We first came across Woody Guthrie’s list years ago: scribbled in the exact center of his 1943 notebook, these resolutions take a different, simple and far more thoughtful approach to change.


May your new year be full of simple adventures…

him for her

I love masculine pieces that work well on women and the i+w Decker jacket is definitely one of those pieces. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it! I have a soft spot for winter wear and layering, and Decker is the cherry on top to any and all of my outfits. Don’t worry boys… the Decker looks great on you as well. Promise.


happy 2013

Thank you all for making 2012 such a wonderful year at imogene + willie! We can’t thank you enough for the love and support you’ve shared with us and are excited for the year(s) to come. We wish you a beautiful, happy and healthy New Year. Cheers to 2013!

happy holidays!



‎”And how should we behave during this Apocalypse? We should be unusually kind to one another, certainly. But we should stop being so serious. Jokes help a lot. And get a dog if you don’t already have one.”


-Vonnegut speaking at Clowes Hall, Indianapolis 4/27/07

class of 2012

2012 was equally full of joys, successes, challenges and lessons for all of us at imogene + willie… All of which brought us closer together as a team, a family.


Really, when it comes down to it, everything that we have learned in this year is less about blue jeans, but more about relationships, both business and personal. And those beautiful relationships are what we treasure, because that’s what really matters.


We hope for you in this new year: peace, health and happiness… and a bunch of great joys, successes, challenges and lessons.


With our love and thanks,
Matt, Carrie and the entire i+w family

we’re here to help

First off, we wish so badly that you could visit us in the shop to receive your personal fitting. We understand that buying clothes online can be a challenge, but buying a perfectly fitted pair of jeans without trying them on while looking at a one-dimensional image is right up there with mastering physics, in my book.


If your geographic location hinders you from visiting our store for a personal fitting, we’re here to offer you the next best thing by way of email and/or a phone call.


As a first time or returning customer, when ordering your jeans, we want to make sure we get it right on the first try, so we encourage and invite you to call or email so we can make absolutely sure that you’re getting the best fit.


Our customer service “door” is always open and you deserve the same personal experience and assistance as if you were to walk into our store.


So call me. Email me. I am here to answer as many questions as I possibly can (and there are no dumb questions!) ranging from fit, fabric, wash, shrinkage, stretching, skinny legs, a generous booty, custom inseams, repairs or just where to get the best hot chicken or old fashioned in Nashville. You can call me during the below listed hours and email me anytime. I hope to hear from you soon!

(615) 915-4032 | Monday through Friday, 10am – 7pm




i’ll be home for christmas


Really great job by Eric Staples and Mister Paul Klein.

a holiday surprise

We’ve got a little holiday surprise to share with you! From now until December 21st, buy any jean, shirt or jacket and receive 50% off select tops (Cornelia, Louise, Carter Bone, Carter Coltrane + Carter Slate) while supplies last. You will be prompted for the deal at checkout – see the collection here. Offer does not apply to Plus Tees.