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On the Road: New York City



Visiting New York City for a brief work trip is like ripping the curtain away from the great Wizard of Oz. For the price of airfare, anyone can see the great machine’s inner-workings. As the capital of culture, New York dictates much of how we think in the west. This, along with the sheer scale and diversity of the place, engenders certain hubris within the stranger; I imagine this is why people move there: you are invincible; anything is possible; it’s very exciting.

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gitman bros. vintage

The legacy of an American shirting factory.

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file under: summer camp


Real life Moonrise Kingdom: Camp Wandawega. Summer camp for adults.

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file under: venice beach


My i+w adventures have brought me to SoCal for a good bit, overseeing some production. As you can see from this photo, I fit right in.