Back in Charge: Levi's XX with LVC

We’ve all been waiting for it, for Levi’s to wake up and say “Gosh darn it! We are were first and we are the best. Let’s set the standard once more! We don’t have to leave it up to the Japanese (and Imogene + Willie, of course) to make the sickest jeans.” Well, thankfully someone is listening because Levi’s is REALLY doing it right with XX. Each Levi’s Vintage Clothing piece is an archival reproduction straight from the Levi’s vault. With LVC, Levi’s recreates their own masterpieces right down to the original tag! Included in the line is the prodigal son of denim, the famous 1947 Levi’s 501, done in beautiful shrink-to-fit Cone denim fabric. Perhaps the best part of all is, we are lucky enough to be one of only a handful of stores to carry this fine merchandise. Call or email with questions and price inquiries. (615) 292-5005 or -ian