captured: bick marshall

 Bick Marshall

 captured by Heidi Jewell in Sevier Park, Nashville

When I wear what I want, it’s casual, comfortable, kicked-back, unassuming, inviting and tranquil – just like my beloved East Tennessee mountains, valleys and streams (and my Willies).



Hi Carrie and Matt,


Bick Marshall @ Halcyon Avenue here…. I love and shop at your store, go to your backyard events (see you next Wednesday), press my nose against the garage door glass when I am out walking and you are not there (you may know me from my nose prints) and really appreciate having a team of such wonderful people in the neighborhood.


So….. I was thinking that you have used really neat people with good hearts and mind sets, but I haven’t seen a “senior” model and want to offer my services.


I’m 64, not too good looking (used to be) but fairly fit, 6’ 1” and 190 pounds, and I have a good heart and mind set too. I am a VP of my employer’s parent company with HQ in Bowling Green (I commute M-F) and President of our Canadian subsidiary, but my favorite titles are Dad, Poppy, Brother, Uncle and Friend. I was raised in East Tennessee where I was involved in many community activities, am a UT alum, former Marine, mountain climber/hiker, skier, tennis and b-ball player, tri-athlete and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah!


In any event, if you ever decide a more weathered looking individual might work for modeling any of your clothes, let me audition. I think it would be fun..…. no sexy looks, just an easy smile (which I hope you get out of this email).



Bick Marshall




We received this email from Bick a couple months ago and couldn’t be more excited to share his photos with you. We think our new friend makes quite the handsome model. He’s wearing his Mas Tacos shirt, i+w Willie jeans and Sundance boots.




Shot by Heidi Jewell, the creator of the Nashville-based street style blog Under the Guise.

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