captured: kari kragness

 Kari Kragness

 captured by Heidi Jewell in East Nashville

For me style is all about fit – finding and choosing garments that flatter whatever figure you have and help you to feel confident, sexy and classy. Because I’m short and curvy, it was always a huge ordeal for me to try to find a pair of jeans that were actually flattering… until the Imogene. I love the Imogene because I feel like it was tailored to fit my body.

I can somehow organize a company and everyone in the company. I can keep a spotless house. I obsess over things being straight on any exposed shelf or counter top. But when it comes to the innards… the closets, the cabinets, my bags and the basement storage – I am a damn mess.


Enter Kari Kragness, job description: professional organizer. That description doesn’t do her service justice. It’s so much more than that.


And then, life description: best friend.


Kari started organizing our dwellings shortly after we moved to Nashville several years ago. It only made sense that she start a business to offer this service to the masses, because, I am telling you, she is a master. She has an impeccable sense of aesthetic and a work ethic like none other. Must be that good ole raising on a Wisconsin dairy farm.


ORDEN, her new company’s name, is up and running. Trust me, if you are a mess on the inside, you need “ORDEN” in your life.




Kari is wearing black Imogenes, a Ganni peplum top, “Co-op” by Barney’s shoes, RTH leather necklace and bracelet (available at imogene + willie), a vintage turquise bracelet, Pamela Love necklace (also available at the shop) and a vintage beaded Native American necklace.


You may also recognize Kari as Kreyoncé, the star of the new Count Drizzle video for “Country Crunk.”




Shot by Heidi Jewell, the creator of the Nashville-based street style blog Under the Guise.

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