captured: american dad

 Mike Wolfe

 captured by Heidi Jewell at Antique Archaeology, Nashville

I’d describe my style as “freestyle” – I don’t buy a lot of pieces of clothing, so when I buy an item I want something that will last. A tee shirt, pair of jeans and gravel road is my workday. These i+w jeans are bullet proof. I can’t wear them out! I’ve tried.





Our good friend and American Picker Mike Wolfe loves vintage motorcycles, traveling and digging through junk to find real treasures. He’s hanging at his shop – Antique Archaeology - wearing some well-loved Willies, a Johnson Motorworks tee shirt and Chaco boots. His new daughter Charlie makes the sweetest little accessory. Wishing you a happy first Father’s Day, Mike!



Shot by Heidi Jewell, the creator of the Nashville-based street style blog Under the Guise.

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