captured: the wonder couple

 Wayne + Debbie Goodwyn

 captured by Heidi Jewell in East Nashville

It’s hard to beat a classic white shirt and jeans, even if it’s a Wonders On Woodland “uniform” shirt. Simple, straightforward, ready for any job. Jeans are the workhorse of my (Wayne’s) wardrobe, and my Willies are standouts. I’m a minimalist at heart, so I don’t accessorize, although the thinner my hair gets, the more I like hats! Deb’s style is definitely fun and casual, with a little jazz from her vintage accessories.


Debbie and Wayne are the adorable owners of Wonders on Woodland, a beautiful antique shop located in the heart of 5 Points, East Nashville. You can learn more about them in the Our Voice series here. Wayne is wearing a Wonders On Woodland white tee and the i+w Willie Rigid jeans. Deb wears her very favorite jeans, the Imogene, a comfortable old linen shirt and some colorful vintage lucite jewelry from the shop.



Shot by Heidi Jewell, the creator of the Nashville-based street style blog Under the Guise.

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