captured: kangaroo press

Ryan Nole

 captured by Heidi Jewell in downtown Nashville

When I was about 14-years-old, I remember seeing a photo of my grandfather in a pair of jeans and an undershirt holding my mother as a newborn. It struck me how timeless the photo seemed and that his style had transcended the 40+ years in which it was taken. I’ve been a jeans and t-shirt guy ever since.

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captured: in uniform

 Burger Up Crew

 captured by Heidi Jewell in 12 South, Nashville

At Burger Up, the server “uniform” typically consists of a v-neck tee and jeans. Most just so happen to wear imogene + willie denim. This uniform truly captures their style – and it’s fun to see their take on the jeans: Are they cuffed? Are they patched? Are they still stiff? Some might add suspenders or even a hat for more personality.

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captured: made in kind

 Jessie Magee

 captured by Heidi Jewell in 12 South, Nashville

I dress pretty casually most of the time — Anthropologie is a wear-what-you-like sort of office — but when all else fails, I’ll reach for my denim jacket. It’s worn to shreds, but I think it’s better that way. I’m also a big fan of vintage dresses, bags and jewelry and love my new Imogene Slims (!).

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captured: the wonder couple

 Wayne + Debbie Goodwyn

 captured by Heidi Jewell in East Nashville

It’s hard to beat a classic white shirt and jeans, even if it’s a Wonders On Woodland “uniform” shirt. Simple, straightforward, ready for any job. Jeans are the workhorse of my (Wayne’s) wardrobe, and my Willies are standouts. I’m a minimalist at heart, so I don’t accessorize, although the thinner my hair gets, the more I like hats! Deb’s style is definitely fun and casual, with a little jazz from her vintage accessories.

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captured: have a little faeth

 Jodi Faeth

 captured by Heidi Jewell in Marathon Village, Nashville

After having a baby five months ago, my style has definitely changed somewhat. Simplicity is key for me now. A pair of jeans, a tank and a vintage piece of jewelry is my go-to. Comfort and style are easy to achieve!

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captured: get ‘er dunn

 Whitney Dunn

 captured by Heidi Jewell at The Perfect Pair, Green Hills

My closet is full of neutrals and black (and shoes). I’m most comfortable in an old white t-shirt, a great fitting pair of jeans, a funky piece of well-crafted jewelry and a great pair of shoes. Simple clothes with fun accessories. To me, style is about remaining authentic to yourself no matter what you wear.

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captured: chancellor

 Chancellor Warhol

 captured by Heidi Jewell in Inglewood, Tennessee

I’m always inspired by the blue collar style of old, but making it modern with cool sneakers, jewelry and accessories. I feel like the mechanics and steel mill workers of the 40s and 50s dressed better than the models in fashion at the time. Timeless! In hip hop, style is everything, and the best way to differentiate yourself from the pack is trying new things instead of following trends.


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captured: short and sweet

 Zarna Surti

 captured by Heidi Jewell at City House, Nashville

I don’t think too much about what I’m going to wear, I just put on whatever makes me feel good with big jewelry and giant heels. It’s not as much about the clothes I’m wearing, it’s about how they make me feel. I like feeling confident, unique and let’s be serious – slightly over-the-top!


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captured: my fair lady

 Allison Moorer

 captured by Heidi Jewell in Fairview, Tennessee

I love a loose, bohemian look for summer and spend a lot of time in tunic-style tops and dresses during the season – the Clyde has integrated into my existing wardrobe effortlessly. I really just love the classics and don’t want anything in my closet that I won’t be proud to wear in five years. I think it’s safe to say that my Clyde dress will hang in there for at least that long, and will only get better and better with wear.


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captured: american dad

 Mike Wolfe

 captured by Heidi Jewell at Antique Archaeology, Nashville

I’d describe my style as “freestyle” – I don’t buy a lot of pieces of clothing, so when I buy an item I want something that will last. A tee shirt, pair of jeans and gravel road is my workday. These i+w jeans are bullet proof. I can’t wear them out! I’ve tried.

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