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gitman bros. vintage

The legacy of an American shirting factory.

During the 1930′s, gentleman and shirt contractor, Max Gitman, struggled to keep his Brooklyn-based business afloat. In an effort to sidestep pressures from unions and rackets, he joined with other prominent shirt-makers of his day–predecessors of Eagle, Gant, Kenneth Gordon, and Sero–and moved operations 150 miles to Pennsylvania, at the time mostly known for coal production. Continue Reading…


the best mistake

several months ago, Matt snatched one of our new t-shirt samples and went to work making it his own. that night he texted all of us on the team admitting, “I just made the best mistake!” Continue Reading…


i+w garage sale

This Saturday at the shop… deals on loads of discontinued jeans, samples, prototypes, fabrics and a handful of  surprises.


Kicks off at 7:00 am –  June 29th at the gas station. 2601 12 South Avenue.  See you Saturday!


the bandana unfolded

Many of the world’s best inventions were born out of making virtue of necessity. Human beings often begin repurposing an item they already own because nothing better exists. It is at this time that the spirit of enterprise overcomes one such individual, who goes on to capitalize on the potential demand for an embellished version, ad infinitum.


It is unclear when the first “bandana” was used, but there is evidence that humans have been using a cut size of cloth for a multitude of purposes for which the bandana has since become known, for centuries.


The word “bandana” comes from the Sanskrit bandhana, meaning “to tie”. It is closely related to the kerchief, which stems from the french couvre-chef, meaning “cover the head.” The handkerchief,  or “hanky” is generally a smaller piece of cloth and has it’s own rich place in cultural history.


As the words we use to describe them might suggest, the bandana likely came to America in different forms via a host of sources. There is evidence that both pirates plundering the Spaniards, and British colonists both brought with them versions of the bandana. Even Native Americans had there own. It wasn’t until Hollywood begin using bandanas in Westerns that they became synonymous with “the west” and eventually iconic to western wear.


Today bandanas are just as classic as ever, a symbol of the complexity of America and it’s vast cultural diversity and heterogeneous origins.


Made in Japan with great care, using only the best fabrics, original styling, and construction techniques, imogene+willie has aimed to make the perfect bandana. Choose between two unique prints: natural with navy ‘plus’ motif, and authentic indigo with discharge ‘plus’ print. These bandanas will improve with wear and age. Keep them with you wherever you may go.


Each i+w bandana comes it’s own hand-stamped cloth bag.

Size: 22″ x 22″

Hand Wash. Line Dry.


Available at the gas station and online.


KHW jewelry

Kathleen Whitaker is a Los Angeles-based jewelry designer and porcelain ceramicist. After studying ceramics at university and working a series of desk jobs, she decided to jump back into her roots and take some jewelry-making classes, which sparked a new hobby. Continue Reading…


sneak peek: i+w home goods

Home is where our heart is.

For the past several years when we have been out in the trenches scavenging for special vintage clothing finds for the shop, Matt always rolls his eyes when we lay out all of our finds, realizing that I bought more loot for someone’s home than I did for someone’s body. Continue Reading…


jeni’s for shop nashville day

Nashville Fashion Week kicked off last night, and we’re excited to be one of more than 40 stores participating in this year’s Shop Nashville Day. We’ll be donating a portion of tomorrow’s sales to the Nashville Fashion Forward Fund of the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. Continue Reading…


intimates into every day

We are so excited to introduce our i+w intimates collection today. Each piece is beautiful on its own, but was also designed to be layered with one another or incorporated into an everyday wardrobe – with your favorite pair of jeans, a cozy button up shirt, peeking out under a dress, or layered under a sweater. Here are a few of our favorite ways to style them before heading out the door. See the complete collection here.


wolverine 1000 mile

More than 125 years ago, Wolverine founder G.A. Krause built a company on a dream of creating finely crafted footwear. Now Wolverine is honoring its heritage with a collection of boots and shoes inspired by Wolverine’s original designs – the 1000 Mile collection. Continue Reading…


we’re here to help

we wish so badly that you could visit us in the shop to receive your personal fitting. We understand that buying clothes online can be a challenge, but buying a perfectly fitted pair of jeans without trying them on while looking at a one-dimensional image is right up there with mastering physics, in my book. Continue Reading…