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the nashville fashion alliance

“the demise of production in america is killing our dreams…”

at a Tedx talk in 2012, we shared our dreams of bringing production back to America. the Nashville Fashion Alliance is working hard to help develop and support the infrastructure that it will take to put Nashville on the map as an epicenter in the fashion industry.  we couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the fight.

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pints & pistons

i wanted to thank all of you who came out to the Pints and Pistons event on September 30th.  it is so great to see such enthusiasm around these old motorcycles.  i want to give a special thank you to our friends at Red Wing Shoes, we couldn’t have done it with out the help of our amazing Representative, Ayrun Dismuke.  thanks Aryun, you’re the man!  again, thanks for coming out and hopefully we will see all you guys this spring for another great Pints and Pistons.

be safe out there!

what. when. wear.

an installation

next thursday, july 31st at 7pm

imogene + willie warehouse


marathon village

1310 clinton street suite 115



on rotation: beck

it was a couple big nights nashville last week… Beck played the historic Ryman Auditorium! a handful of folks from the team wound up going to see the show – and we’ve since found ourselves putting his records on repeat. Continue Reading…


love fades

as we approach our 5 year anniversary, we can’t help but think back to the Love Fades project we did with Joshua Black Wilkins. it was a collaborative effort to document our customers and their jeans. the results were beautiful, intimate and are deeply cherished as a part of our history.

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supper + song

with an incredible amount of community support and a little elbow grease from a lot of folks, we are finally able to actually, really, for real announce that Wednesday, May 14 will be the return of supper+song. Continue Reading…


save supper + song

dear friends.

no one ever tells you that when you dream to become creators of a brand and shop keepers that you might need to sharpen your pencil on government and bureaucracy!

would love a bit of your time to catch you up to speed on a subject that is very near and dear to us: saving supper + song. Continue Reading…


celebrate lucy!

ladies of nashville… if you’ve already purchased a pair of lucys or have been thinking about giving ‘em a try, come on by the nashville shop tomorrow evening, (2/11/14) from 5 – 7.


join us for a laid back photo shoot and libations to celebrate our newest fit!


spotify visit + playlist

Last week, Spotify’s worldwide team visited Nashville for their company retreat. They had a amazing crash course in all things Nashville and part of their trip was spent with us for a night of shopping, food and music. Continue Reading…

file under: the coen brothers

In anticipation of the release of their latest film INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS, the Belcourt looks back at the films of Joel and Ethan Coen, brothers whose signature flair for lacing intricately plotted genre film with jet-black comedy has earned them a reputation as the most formidable team of filmmakers in Hollywood.

We celebrate the much loved duo’s distinctive vision with this series encompassing both their comedic and more dramatic work.

for the love of music

for over 130 years, Nashville has evolved into the world’s premiere Music City. this is a film rooted in authenticity. A story filled with passion and truth. a film made simply for the love of music.