for the love of music

in the shop: GQ retreat



On Monday Oct 28, the i+w team had the pleasure of hosting the GQ team for two hours of visiting, shopping and eating. We had such a great time getting to know everyone on their staff. Our friends from yazoo, jeni’s ice cream and otaku south joined us for the occasion.  Great thanks to everyone involved!


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30 Americans


30 americans, the new exhibit at the frist center of visual arts, provides a unique opportunity to see the work of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Carrie Mae Weems, Nina Chanel Abney Kehinde Wiley and Mickalene Thomas all in one place. with over 70 objects of painting, sculpture, photography, and multi-media installations, the exhibit explores a cross generational conversation of the influence of race, sexuality, history, gender, and popular culture on individual identity. be sure to check it out if you’re in nashville, it will be here through jan. 12, 2014. there are also a lot of great events around the exhibit that you can see here.


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Joint Project 3


© Judy Linn, courtesy of the artist and Feature Inc., New York,  Courtesy of the Eggleston Artistic Trust 


We’re so happy it’s here again: Joint Project 3. In succession to Joint Project 1 & 2, curators Libby Callaway and Susan Sherrick, announce a pop-up happening comprised of three days of art, music, and food in Nashville taking place this Saturday and Sunday, October 12 & 13.

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Indie Made


this thursday, october 3rd, iNDie Made (as part of the Belcourt’s iNDie Festival) will explore the makers and artisans located at Marathon Village with an open house for iNDie guests. we are honored to be a part of this event and support the Belcourt Theatre’s education and engagement programs, so come by and see us in our warehouse tomorrow evening!


You can buy tickets here.


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drew’s home

Drew Parks standing in front of his home

not only is drew one of our most favorite people in the world, with the biggest heart and most generous soul, but he also quietly and humbly takes the cake for having the most bad ass house… to me, anyway.


it’s not trying to be bad ass, it just is…


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an enchanting exhibit at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. Light, by British artist Bruce Munro, spans the fields and secret nooks with hundreds of miles of glowing optic fibers. open till november 10.


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a nashville collaboration


After years of looking for the perfect leather tote bag and to no avail, Carrie and Kristen decided to work with designer and independent art curator, Susan Sherrick, to design a women’s leather tote. Originally inspired by a vintage mail bag, the  i+w  x  s.e. sherrick  tote is an elongated and exaggerated evolution of a classic tote bag, providing a modern, yet still timeless carry all. Each bag features a hand-stitched signature i+w “plus”.

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wilkins, the man



there’s a magic spot where friendships are born here in nashville: on the old leather couch at the shop.

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tomatoes, a girl’s best friend


you say potato, i say tomato sandwich…


the tomato is kind of a big deal in the Cheatham household. i get it from my folks, who, all summer long when tomatoes are in abundance, served us sliced tomatoes with every meal, tomato sandwiches, BLT’s, gazpacho and
anything else where a tomato would fit. my dad’s tomatoes were (are) the best i had ever eaten and because of this i struggle with an addiction that can only be fed in the summertime: homegrown tomatoes. some people smoke,
some chew gum or bite their nails. i freakin’ eat the shit out of some tomato sandwiches.

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