on the road

the 101




“They say you only turn 30 once in your life. The same can be said about turning 5. Being a Pisces and it being birthday time, my favorite way to celebrate is to get out on the open road and take in nature, mom and pop shops, and pick antiques out of back yards.



Myself, Caroline, birthday child Lola, and brother Hank packed up and headed on a week long adventure along the 101 bordering the Pacific Ocean…”




blood & oil


Nashville’s own are the study of this short film, Blood & Oil. shot at directed by Cale Glendening. his words describe it best:


“Blood & Oil speaks to all avenues of creativity and passionate endeavors – the common thread being desire, determination and the relentless pursuit it takes to see them through. That feeling that wakes you in the dead of night, the call to action that courses through your veins. It doesn’t matter what you do or what your passion is, there is always room to be challenged, to grow, advance and to be more inspired. With that heart and intention, Blood & Oil is about wanting to create, be more awake and to be more alive.”

Lucky Riders


harebrained ideas go hand in hand with motorcycles.  but the older one gets, it becomes less and less about the harebrained act and more about the storytelling.


this past October, 7 “brothers” of mine and i ventured out on pre 1950′s motorcycles to escape, relax and unwind.  after months of dreaming and planning, the Lucky Riders rode out from Liepers Fork, Tennessee all the way to Maggie Valley, North Carolina and back.  in the first few miles of the trip we realized that this journey would change our lives, and bring close friends even closer.


i am very honored to be apart of this brotherhood of vintage motorcycle enthusiasts and a Lucky Rider.  with the help of the very talented Reid Long and Herschel Johnson-Pollack, we made it safe and sound with little to no maintenance on these American made iron horses.  here is a short film that Reid  put together of our journey!


just as the winter months keeps one inside, the inside keeps me dreaming of warmer days, and those dreams of warmer days became reality.




the lucky riders:   Dan Auerbach, Matt Eddmenson, Kirk Lisius, Dave Orte, Jon Szalay, Butch Walker, Mike Wolfe, Robbie Wolfe


a long way from home

image (7)

We set out to ride our motorcycles. Really, that sums it up. Anywhere and everywhere. While two days in the desert just isn’t enough (perhaps a lifetime isn’t either, but two days is all we had.) It’s a good thing we got a day in the woods of northern Arizona en route to the rim of the Grand Canyon, and a coastal ride from Venice to north Malibu along the PCH.

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Northern Grade Chicago


Northern Grade is happening this weekend, and we are happy to be a part! The 100% USA made menswear pop-up market is making its way to downtown Chicago on October 19-20. There will be some fine shopping, live music, and local libations. If you’re in town, stop by and say hi to Jay and Jess!


chicago_grande NorthernGRADE_1_grande

Trans-Pecos Festival


there’s only one place on the earth where i like to be on the 3rd weekend in september:  listening to music out in a desert field in marfa, texas.  we aren’t getting to make the trip this year, but if you get a wild hair, pack up your car and drive south.  you won’t regret it.




On the Road: New York City



Visiting New York City for a brief work trip is like ripping the curtain away from the great Wizard of Oz. For the price of airfare, anyone can see the great machine’s inner-workings. As the capital of culture, New York dictates much of how we think in the west. This, along with the sheer scale and diversity of the place, engenders certain hubris within the stranger; I imagine this is why people move there: you are invincible; anything is possible; it’s very exciting.

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summertime ride

new york, we’re comin’ for ya


New York, we’re heading your way! We are so excited to be a part of Pop Up Flea, happening November 30th – December 2nd at Drive-In Studios. We’ll be selling our finest goods along with Billykirk, Unionmade, Oak Street, Wood & Faulk, Three Potato Four and many many others. Friday 3 pm – 9 pm, Saturday 11 am – 7 pm and Sunday 11 am – 6 pm.


We’ll also be setting up shop in the new Warby Parker Annex December 3rd – December 9th at 819 Washington Street in the Meatpacking District. Monday through Saturday 11 am – 7 pm and Sunday from 12 pm – 6 pm. Come say hi while we’re in your fine city!