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mix fox

it’s that time of year again…..time to lose the winter beard and trim those nose hairs up and we have just the guy to do it: meet Mr. Mic Fox (former i+w employee.)
head over to Parlor and Juke and see Mic Fox for all your grooming needs…  you won’t regret it!
615 – 730 – 8068
521 8th Ave. South
Suite #302
Nashville, TN 37203-4239

Brooklyn Brewery presents: DINNER ON THE FARM



Brooklyn Brewery is hosting a week of culinary and cultural shindigs (Mar. 1 – 8), the first of which, Dinner on the Farm, will be held this Sunday, March 2, at 3:30, inside the Green Door Gourmet barn at Hidden Valley Farm. Chef Andrew Gerson (Brooklyn Brewery) and Chef Brandon Frohne (Mason’s at Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, Forage South) are cooking up a family-style feast from farm-raised produce, paired with Brooklyn beer.


Dinner on the Farm works to connect people back to the land and to the farmers and artisans who are making our communities a better place to live. And turns out that it’s a fun, laidback late-afternoon barn party.


Get your tickets here.



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billy reid fall/winter 2014 collection

we are so happy and excited for the Billy Reid fall/winter 2014 runaway show and collection!  congrats friend!

- m+c

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i’m really excited to a part of this great show with so many talented artists. come out this sunday to The Crying Wolf for the viewing party from 7 – 10pm, and after party from 10pm – 3am with a performance by Tesla Rossa. it’s sure to be a helluva a good time.


- matt



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we couldn’t be happier for our good friends of Wild Cub, who are making their debut on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight. reminiscing when they played in the backyard at supper and song… and now there single, Thunder Clatter, is no. 1 on Sirus radio Alt. Nation countdown. way to go fellas.



i love lucy.



i love lucy.


some things don’t come easy.


creating women’s clothing has historically only clicked for me when we design something that i want to wear.
so in the genre of blue jeans, we have always designed and advocated what i want.




because i want to share with you what i love.  and because i love a high rise jean, and i double love a mid rise jean. when i slide on my elizabeth or imogene, i feel safe.  i feel beautiful.  i feel sexy.  i feel like me.


i have to tell you, though, i have always WANTED to love a low-rise skinny jean.  but for whatever reason, i never have felt good in one.


until now.


for the past several years, we have battled with developing a low-rise skinny. we will get it to the point where we think it’s superior enough to join the sisterhood.  we have thrown it on fit models and all the girls on our team try it.  it has always looked good.  but in those sessions, there never was that moment of high fiving and a jumping up and down celebration.


then, as a first and last step to our fitting process, i try the jean.  and guess what?  i just haven’t loved it.  i feel like i am trying to be someone i am not. but why can’t i feel good in a low-rise skinny?  bigger hips and short legs shouldn’t mean that i am eliminated from this look!


we are not very good at giving up.


in the continued quest to create the best jean, i realized several months ago that the reality of this low-rise skinny couldn’t just come from the ideal of such a style.  it had to be created from a foundation of something more.  it had to come from a feeling about someTHING or someBODY.  because to me, wearing clothes is not about how we look.  it’s about how we feel.


here’s a snippet of a conversation i had in my head with myself:


why do i want this jean?
because i want to be myself, comfortable in my own skin.  but also, i want to be someone i never thought i could be.


how do i want to feel in this jean?
i want to feel that i am evolving.  that i am blossoming, no matter my age.  i want to feel playful and loving…. soft, quiet and humble, albeit confident and elegant.  i want to feel that i can be whoever i want to be.


what kind of person will want this jean?
someone that has no inhibitions about who they are, or who they want to be.


who is this person that i describe? who is this person that i want this jean to be?  who do i want to be?
lucy.  our sweet, eldest niece.




yesterday, a sweet little girl, today – she has blossomed into a confident, hilarious, beautiful and elegant woman. above all, since Lucy was tiny, she has deeply cared about others before she thinks about herself. she is comfortable in her own skin. her smile is light and she is radiant. life is so much prettier because of Lucy, our niece.


so guess what? once we knew this jean WAS lucy, we finally were able to embrace our goal. and then, like it was magic,  that damn low-rise skinny came to be!


i will never retire my imogene’s. but since the final stitch was sewn in my size, i haven’t taken off my sweet girl lucy. we have been high fiving and jumping up and down.  it’s a reason to celebrate.




a new years wish


our own resolution, and same wish for you in the new year:
let go of any negative thoughts or feelings from the past tonight.
fill that extra space with newness in the morning
with laughter and love and fresh beginnings.
from our family to yours, happy new year!
love i+w

our choice: christmas movies


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a warm round of applause for wildsam and the release of their third field guide for the city of senses: san francisco. wildsam explores the city with a lot of soul; pages packed with local lore, interviews, memoir, hand-drawn maps, personal essays and more. equal parts travel guide and tribute, the field guides suit both weekender and native.

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