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Muscle Shoals


usually when you go to see a movie, you have some idea about what you are getting ready to watch. however a few weeks ago at billy reid’s shindig,  i knew i was getting ready to watch a documentary on muscle shoals, but i had no idea what i was about to witness and learn.


it is hands down, one of the best documentaries about southern culture. i was shocked to learn so much about one of our neighboring towns that legends from the rolling stones and lynyrd skynyrd, to aretha franklin and wilson pickett came together with local muscians to produce some of the most memorable sounds of the south. do yourself a huge favor and go see this movie at the belcourt this weekend.




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Music City Eats


We were honored to host Music City Eats preview party in our backyard at the gas station. Now the first annual food and wine fest has arrived. Big congrats to our friends on Music City Eats. we hope it’s the first year of many more to come!

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wildsam does austin


We were fortunate to have our friend Taylor Bruce begin his traveling journey in Nashville to produce the first Wildsam Field Guide–an eclectic mix of interviews, hand-drawn maps, cultural almanacs, and brilliant essays.

Now we are excited to congratulate him on his next field guide, Wildsam Austin… the tales and explorations of another loved city of ours.

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our choice: made in usa


consumption is something that we try our best not to take lightly, both as a company and as individuals. there are a number of questions we always ask when considering our next purchase: the two most important begin with quality and origin. on this usa holiday, we wanted to take a moment to point out just a few american brands we believe are really doing it right.


our choice: pub5

On our first day in Nashville 4 years ago, Matt and I walked down to 12 South Taproom, our neighborhood beer joint, for a merchant association meeting.


We met a ton of folks on that first day, one of which was Alex Torres, a co-owner of the Taproom. And from that day on, Matt and Alex have been thick as thieves. Anytime we have ever needed a favor, Alex is most often first to show up ready to lend a helping hand.


Alex started to tell Matt a couple of years ago about Taproom’s dreams and plans to open a second location under a new name and different concept. Soon after, Alex and his partners chose and bought the oldest building in downtown Nashville for this new venture.


Alex would come grab Matt for lunch here and there. I didn’t really get it when Matt would tell me that they were going to sit on the rooftop of some old building to eat a sandwich. Come to find out, during those lunch breaks, Alex was mapping out to Matt what that old building would some day be: PUB5.


Now 2 years later, the dreams and blueprints and sweat and tears have come to reality. PUB5 is now housed in that old building and open for business. And also, I’m like a proud sister to say: it is nominated for The City Of Nashville’s Historic Project of the Year.


Matt took some customers to lunch at PUB5 a couple of weeks ago. He came back saying that I would not believe my eyes. I believed him that I wouldn’t, but still didn’t really understand what I would see when I saw it for myself.


So last week, we headed downtown for a meal at PUB5. Then it all clicked.


Not that I ever doubted Alex Torres, because I didn’t. But what Alex and his partners have pulled off will come to be known as one of the most treasured spots in this city.


Alex gleamed when he took us on a tour of the 3-story establishment, carefully pointing out every special nook and cranny that makes the project, in my book, a stellar renovation and a fantastic restaurant.


PUB5 was carefully and precisely thought out, but not overdone. In an otherwise loud and lively downtown, once you walk into this old building, you still feel the magic of the liveliness, but are in calm and comfortable company. The food is not trying to be something, it just IS something.


Matt and I both want to shout from their rooftop down to the crowd and out into the city, “GET UP HERE!”


Please do go check out this treasure and support yet another really good thing about Nashville, Tennessee… compliments of 3 talented and hardworking partners: our buddy Alex, Will Shuff and Jamy Borda.


And don’t leave the place until you eat the poutine.


You will see.



104 5th Ave S

Nashville, 37203


Carrie + Matt

our choice: torres


It was a few weeks ago when we first heard rumblings of a young gal by the name of Mackenzie Scott, recording under the moniker Torres. Her first album debuted recently and has received lots of love, including the likes of Pitchfork. We’re excited to check out her release show this Friday, February 8th at The Basement, and are officially entranced in her video performance of “Jealousy and I.”

our choice: high garden tea

Well, a new year means new attempts at healthy eating for most of us here at the i+w office. A few of us are trying cleanses, be it half-assed or balls-to-the-wall, but dangit, we’re trying.


In our journey to better our innards, one of the big steps has been omitting the coffee. THE COFFEE! The fuel that keeps our office running!


I love coffee. I’ve always wanted to love tea and wish I drank gallons of it, but have just never have been a tea head… until now. Enter High Garden Tea.


The sweet couple who own this amazing little tea shop tucked in East Nashville (you can also try some at Portland Brew next to imogene + willie) have turned me on to tea, and not just for the duration of the cleanse, but for good. For serious!


They focus on mostly herbal concoctions for health, healing and general human-body-upkeep, with your staple teas as well.


If you’re really into herbs, tea and curious elixirs… please go give Leah and Joel Larabell a visit. They are full of knowledge and are always happy to educate you on the benefits of any herb jar you point at: how it helps your body, where it comes from, the history of its roots and, most importantly, they can tell you exactly which blend is the closest to looking, smelling and sorta tasting like coffee! (It’s the Sunshine Blend – you’re welcome)



our choice: new years rulin’s

Each time a new year rolls around, it seems we end up trying to set very big – and oftentimes unrealistic – goals for ourselves. Goals that are focused around an oversized challenge, a pride-boosting accomplishment, or, we wind up disregarding the idea altogether.


We first came across Woody Guthrie’s list years ago: scribbled in the exact center of his 1943 notebook, these resolutions take a different, simple and far more thoughtful approach to change.


May your new year be full of simple adventures…

our choice: rolf and daughters


The new Rolf and Daughters restaurant is easily a new favorite. We dined in the historic 100-year-old Werthan Factory last week, and haven’t stopped dreaming about the pork ragout pasta ever since. The food draws on Northern Italian and Mediterranean influences with Southern ingredients to create a dynamic and seasonally-driven menu. The thoughtful cooking mixes well with the warm, inviting environment. Visit them in the Germantown neighborhood at Seven Hundred Taylor Street.