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artist series: vivian maier

Vivian Maier, nanny by profession, hid her secret passion and intimate moments from everyone until they were discovered in 2007 at a local thrift auction house on Chicago’s Northwest Side. Bundled in shoe boxes were hundreds of rolls of undeveloped film, audio recordings, newspaper clippings, home films, and political tchotchkes. Continue Reading…


the christmas truce

Christmas Day, 1914, in the thick of WWI, British and German soldiers put down their weapons, crawled out of the trenches, exchanged cigarettes and brandy, and played a game of football.

peace on earth.


a long way from home

We set out to ride our motorcycles. Really, that sums it up. Anywhere and everywhere. While two days in the desert just isn’t enough (perhaps a lifetime isn’t either, but two days is all we had.)   Continue Reading…


women who ride

Lanakila MacNaughton is a Portland based photographer and motorcyclist. After developing a passion for motorcycles in her early twenties, she started documenting many facets of motorcycle culture through her lens. Continue Reading…


file under: cy twombly


We’ve posted about him before, I’m sure we’ll post about him again.


His work is always inspiring. It seems that each time you come back to his paintings, the meanings have changed. As if they age along with you.


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street art


My whole life I’ve been attracted to street art. I always loved seeing graffiti on bridges and trains and in public spaces. Whether it says “Jesus Saves” or “I love you Cindy,” I’m somehow captivated by it. Continue Reading…