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artist series: vivian maier



Vivian Maier, nanny by profession, hid her secret passion and intimate moments from everyone until they were discovered in 2007 at a local thrift auction house on Chicago’s Northwest Side. Bundled in shoe boxes were hundreds of rolls of undeveloped film, audio recordings, newspaper clippings, home films, and political tchotchkes.


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the christmas truce


Christmas Day, 1914, in the thick of WWI, British and German soldiers put down their weapons, crawled out of the trenches, exchanged cigarettes and brandy, and played a game of football.


peace on earth.

a long way from home

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We set out to ride our motorcycles. Really, that sums it up. Anywhere and everywhere. While two days in the desert just isn’t enough (perhaps a lifetime isn’t either, but two days is all we had.) It’s a good thing we got a day in the woods of northern Arizona en route to the rim of the Grand Canyon, and a coastal ride from Venice to north Malibu along the PCH.

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thanksgiving pin up


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behind the patches



patches tell a soldier’s story …. who you are, where you’ve been, who you went with, and what you’ve been through.

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original selfies


George Harrison and his wife Pattie, flew from London to Bombay (Mumbai), India in September 1966. George wanted to take sitar lessons with Ravi Shankar and study yoga. The Harrisons stayed at the Taj Mahal hotel in Bombay, under the names Mr. and Mrs. Sam Wells.


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women who ride



Lanakila MacNaughton is a Portland based photographer and motorcyclist. After developing a passion for motorcycles in her early twenties, she started documenting many facets of motorcycle culture through her lens. Lana shoots in medium format on a Hasselblad CM.


The Women’s Motorcycle Exhibition documents the new wave of modern female motorcyclists.  “The Woman’s Motorcycle Exhibition: The Real Women Who Ride” spends a day with a few of these woman as they cruise the wooded backroads of Portland, Oregon.

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life in denim



just a few out of the many photographs of denim from years back – all of them found in the life magazine archives, a staff favorite round these parts.




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“I suffered evils, but without allowing them to rob me of the freedom to expand.”

- Gordon Parks

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