quantity of one

weekend one of a kind



worn in love

series of 6

a handful of lovingly patched and repaired mid-century beacon blankets


see ‘em here

weekend one of a kind

patched & stitched  

 a series of vintage denim jackets  

it’s  that moment when you find the one…


that perfect jacket that has been lived in, loved well,

and in some cases beat to hell.


this time we found 4.

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quantity of one: joshua black wilkins

“I was on a two week tour opening for the rock band Face To Face. 10 shows, 4,000 miles, and drove through 8 states. I traveled separately and photographed along the way, in each little town and crossroad. These are the things I wanted to remember when I wasn’t on stage.” —Joshua


These 8×8 images are printed and matted in a 14×14 frame and available on Quantity of One now.