justin van laeken’s unique technique


jessica got a text from her friend tara last night that said, “FYI, this is how my husband stretches his willie’s.”


they were a little tight, so he wet the waistband and started stuffing shit in there:
igloo cooler, 3 pencils, 2 hammers, 4 books (chuck klosterman, cookbook, gardening book, and a book on socialism), 4 markers, 3 screwdrivers, and a mini bike pump.


justin, please let us know if it worked!

imogene street style: rachel halvorson

elizabeth in indigo stretch. (in store and online)

jeannie tunic in chambray stripe. (available april 9th)

photo by adrian morales.

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I first discovered Bandit Photographer when I stumbled upon a “homemade” video he had done about waxing the Mister Freedom N1-H deck Jacket. Cory Piehowicz aka Bandit Photographer’s blog is so remeniscent of the old days that it makes me wonder if he has a time machine.



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good morning

love, carrie

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It’s become pretty cliche to describe a specific blog as a place where “it’s easy to get lost.” Will Schofield’s 50 Watts truly lives up to that promise. I defy you to not get lost in his thorough though minimalist posts which detail the best in international graphic design and illustration from the last few hundred years, from beautiful Art Nouveau book covers and quirky photo-visuals from old fairy tales, odd Bauhaus-style ephemera and surreal minimalist textbook pages, kinky pulp novel art to irksome political propaganda, 50 Watts is a great site to dig into when you want to get inspired – not to mention a killer place to build up your Pinterest pages.

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50 and 50

I had never really given state mottos much thought until I first saw the “50 and 50” project. Nowadays, each time I cross the state line I look to see the motto as we crossover.
Badass designer Dan Cassarro (aka young jerks) apparently got the idea for this project as he crossed from state to state on a road trip throughout the country with his gal. The idea evolved into a sort of designer/state directory. Cassaro asked one (carefully chosen, extremely talented) designer in each state to illustrate their state’s motto using two predetermined colors.

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Back in the Sixties, conventional Leftie wisdom was that if you weren’t part of the solution you were part of the problem.
We’re totally on board with that line of thought here at Imogene + Willie. As members of the Nashville fashion community, we think it’s our duty to share the wealth of information and opportunities we have at our disposal to our fellow designers and other local fashion pros.
Indeed, it’s the main reason we partnered with the good folks at Nashville Fashion Week to produce a day of educational panelsfeaturing words of wisdom from industry professionals.
Carrie explains it best in the official NFW press release that announces the event, which takes place at the Frist Center for the Arts next Thursday, March 22:
“We could not do what we do today at Imogene + Willie without having had great mentors,” she says. “We are honored to be a part of the curation of Nashville Fashion Week’s industry panels, with the goal of providing local creatives the inspiration and tools needed to make a firm foundation on which they can build their own dreams.
“Hearing seasoned fashion industry professionals share their experiences is paramount to learning how to build and sustain a brand,” Eddmenson continues. “This is the best and most direct way to go about invigorating local markets and preparing them to compete in the everchanging global marketplace.”



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go through your boxes

sorry for the sap, but i have something to say! and it’s not about fashion!!
matt and i got a call 2 years and 11 and a half months ago from our realtor in nashville, alerting us that the owner of the gas station (now home of i+w), had finally agreed to lease the building to us. we had been prodding this sweet but tough as nails 90 year old landlord for 6 months to no avail. for some reason, on this day at that time, she wanted the gas station to be ours. which meant we were moving to nashville to open imogene+willie.
we were still living in kentucky at the time. so the next morning, we hopped in the truck and drove FAST down to nashville to sign the lease, meet an electrician and to attend a neighborhood association meeting. we planned to go back to ky that night, but if i recall correctly, we took an extra pair of panties and a tshirt just in the case we decided to spend the night.


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