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Matt’s Motorcycle Trip: Day Four

Day four and all is well with Matt and Eron in the Rockies. Matt sent this text last night. He’s headed home tomorrow.

We're at 13,000 ft. It was a bitch getting there. Eron killed it today! 
Three times we both thought we should turn back. It was the freshly 
fallen snow that finally convinced us to stay the course. 
My boy really encouraged me to push forward. 
I never knew motorcycling was such a team sport, but it is. 
I couldn't have done it without him!

Matt’s Motorcycle Trip: Day 3

Matt checked in from the road today. He sent us the picture above of what he called “the road not taken” and a quick note containing a small world story. Here’s what he had to say:

Met a lawyer from KY. His ex-wife lives a couple a doors down from us 
in Henderson.... crazy who you meet when you're on the road. 
Camped out last night on the mountain. 
It was pretty cold but it was a lot of fun. On the way back north now. 
Trails, trails and more trails. This us a great experience!!!!

Matt’s Motorcycle Trip: Day 2

Matt zipped us an email this AM from Leadville before he and Eron hit the road. Here’s what he had to say:

We are heading two hours south to Medano Pass
23 miles south of Westcliffe
This will be the longest ride of our trip. 
Really should take us the better part of today and tomorrow. 
Obviously it's not far, but remember most of this is off road
 and all the trails thus far have been rated moderate/difficult. 
Wish us a safe trip and I'll report back after it's done!  
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Matt’s Motorcycle Trip: Day 1

And they’re off!

Matt and Eron left Golden this morning on their much-anticipated motorcycle tour of Colorado. Today’s destination: Leadville, a Victorian-era frontier mining town where the guys are spending the night.

“We rode 150 miles today, all off road,” he texted at about 6 pm. “Amazing! But it’s freezing.” (WeatherUnderground is reporting 27 degrees as the high tonight there with a 30 percent chance of snow.) 

We’ll have more from our man in the Rockies tomorrow. Until then, enjoy some of photos of Day One, as well as a few selects from Colorado photographer James Holden’s shots of Matt and Eron getting preparing to launch.

on the road: all dialed in!

 After many months of planning, (5 to be exact) we are about to take off!  Spent the better part of yesterday adjusting to the altitude.  We traveled up to 10,000 feet then back down and today i feel great!  So after a quick trip to the Kawasaki dealership for a new front fender, we should be good!  Just want to make sure everything is all dialed in!

On the Road Again: Colorado Edition

At the time of this post, Matt was cruising out of Hays, Kansas, on his way to Golden, Colorado – home of Coors and Eron Turnipseed, his childhood best friend. After he arrives, the guys are gonna hit the road together for a five-day motorcycle trip through the Rockies to road test our new fall line. Check this space for his daily updates from the road starting this weekend.

Love Fades……..

Join us this thursday september the 15th at imogene and willie for another Love Fades photo session. Joshua Black Wilkins will be here from 1-7pm to take photos of you wearing your jeans.  Don’t miss this opportunity to show us how your Love has Faded!

The Dan…..

If I had to choose just one group to take with me before being shipped off to a desert island, it would be Steely Dan. Not really classic rock. Never was, never will be. More like ironic, strange, rock-like jazz. Not really a group either, more a moveable feast provided by Donald Fagen and Walter Becker, who wrote and played the songs as others came and went. The first Dan album,Can’t Buy a Thrill (1972) set the pattern right from the start with “Do It Again.” I remember playing it real loud in my ’73 Dodge Challenger one Sunday as I escaped from my father to drink beers at my uncle’s bar in north Jersey. And I once talked trash about China with Jeff “Skunk” Baxter at a homeland security conference in Philly. Skunk was lead guitar on that first album and played too with the Doobie Brothers. He is also a defense consultant these days and a sort of security conference groupie. That night, he jammed in the hotel bar with a local group and we drank and talked about international relations. We made some sort of bet on China, can’t remember exactly what. Twas strange but cool.

Anyway, Steely Dan’s most recent album was in 2003 and all of their nine studio releases – except for a 2000 misfire – are just fantastic. The Royal Scam (1976) is great driving music – they all are really – and “The Caves of Altamira” is about some cave paintings

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Art of The Hunt

Kyle Arnett

Hello world wide web.  My name is Kyle Arnett and allow me to quickly summarize who I am and my relation to Matt and Carrie.  Three years ago (almost exactly) I begrudgingly moved back home…ish from Nashville, to Henderson, KY to fill a position as Executive Director of the Henderson Area Arts Alliance, which in short, is the presenting organization for the lovely 969 seat venue, the Henderson Fine Arts Center.  At my first board meeting I met Carrie’s sweet sister, Susan, who eventually introduced me to Matt and Carrie.  Carrie asked if I’d mind to come to what was then Sights’ Denim and talk to her and Matt about a dream that they had.  The dream that they described to me in that encounter was imogene+willie and their question was basically (cause I’m obviously an expert, ha!) was did I think that something like they described would go over in Nashville.  My answer to them was “Yes! And how can I help!?”   If you’re reading this, you most likely already know that Matt and Carrie are living out their dream of having a store in Nashville every single day.  But between that first discussion and their eventual move to Nashville, so many life changing events happened. Most important to me, they introduced me to the sweetest man I’ve ever met in my life, my beau of about 2.5 years, Jonathan Leslie Hittner.  Further to that, they helped me to fall back in love with home, the place that I swore I’d never go back to and now am questioning if I’ll ever leave. 

I’m changing the channel completely, but let’s fast forward about 3 years… 

We all have dreams, and a lot of times, for me anyway, my head is filled with dreams that usually never come to fruition. This past Saturday, August 20th, one of my biggest dreams came true.  Several months ago, I was invited by my good friend and his wife, David and Tory Krawczynski, to host a fundraising event and the Orvis Endorsed (and downright swanky) Deer Creek Lodge that David manages.  Humbly, I accepted and quickly put together a committee of capable men and women to help get the job done in roughly four months.  At our first meeting (before talking to Matt and Carrie), I expressed my desire to the committee to have imogene+willie exhibit a “pop-up” store and give all our guests the opportunity to experience the store that was grown right there in our hometown of Henderson, KY.  We were all in agreement that IF they would do it, that it would be the cherry on top of our fine event.

And Matt and Carrie agreed.  With warmth and enthusiasm.

So August 20th came.  At 3:00 on the day of the event, the imogene+willie crew pulled up to Deer Creek lodge and speedily emptied nearly all the contents of the lodge’s pro-shop (stocked most of the time with Orvis hunting and fishing apparel) and turned it into a rough and ready (and perfect) version of imogene+willie.  Beginning at 4:00 sharp, the event began…we shot trap, we learned how to make wild game pie, we wined, we dined, we danced and sang, and we shopped in to the night.  It was an absolutely perfect blend of various forms of art, and the bond among the people that attended was one they won’t forget…at least for a while.

I tear up thinking about the love and passion for our community that filled the lodge that night.  I feel comfortable saying that if it weren’t for Matt and Carrie’s example of the pride they take in their hometown, then I might have totally missed it that night.

So here’s to coming home.  Thank you Matt and Carrie for coming home and sharing a pop-up version of your dream.  Thank you for your help in making my dream come true and thank you for the part you played in making Henderson feel like home.

Rhett singing Roy Oribison’s “Crying”.  He got an rousing standing ovation!

life is a mixtape

i + w mixtape : Liz Lambert

When we charged this week’s Our Voice subject, Texas hotelier Liz Lambert, with creating a mixed tape that would use music to represent different times in her life, she was intrigued, but a bit daunted. Keeping it to just a dozen songs was going to be tough for the longtime music-lover. Nevertheless, she sallied forth, tying different songs, musicians and genres with different cities, jobs and phases in her life. 

 “This was hard,” Liz wrote in the email she sent with her play list. “I had to leave out so many songs and artists that I love – the Stones, the Beatles, Stevie Wonder and Nina Simone, Tift and Lucinda… There’s so much that I could have included, so I tried to concentrate on time periods.”

 The result is an eclectic combination of the sort of classic country she’s hear at home growing up in Odessa, the female-centric folk and alt-rock that marked her college and law school years in Austin, more country to get her through her years as a prosecutor in the DA’s office in NYC in the early 90’s, and, finally, the Americana music that surrounds her today.

1.  GLEN CAMPBELL, “GENTLE ON MY MIND” from Greatest Hits
Growing up in West Texas, country music was in the ether and the water and the wind and is still probably the most defining music of my life. Almost impossible to pick one song, but my mother loved Glen Campbell, and this takes me back to her swaying in the kitchen. 

2.  LED ZEPPELIN, “RAMBLE ON” from Mothership
Ramble On wouldn’t make many people’s top ten songs of Zeppelin list, but I can still here it blasting out of the open windows of  Camaros in the Permian High parking lot. This song represents a whole lot of metal.

3.  NEIL YOUNG, “COWGIRL IN THE SAND” from Live at Massey Hall
I felt like the scales had fallen from my eyes when I heard Neil Young’s Harvest coming from my oldest brother’s stereo. Decade was the first record I ever bought.  

On my quest to find a wider world, I flew blind into Dylan and Joni Mitchell, records that were sort of hard to find in Odessa in 1980. I had a friend who actually  threw those 8 tracks out of the window of my car. I’ve still got the music, can’t remember the friend.

5.  JOAN ARMATRADING, “WILLOW” from Show Some Emotion
College in Austin. This is definitely the soundtrack to my budding lesbianism. Scales falling  from my eyes again.

6.  VIOLENT FEMMES, “BLISTER IN THE SUN” from Violent Femmes
Waiting tables during college, blasting the Violent Femmes from the restaurant stereo in the morning while setting up for lunch, at which point the music would be changed to George Winston. Ends up its a quick trip from alienation to Windham Hill.

7.  PATTI SMITH, “FREE MONEY from Horses
My longtime girlfriend Margaret introduced me to so much music (including all of Motown) and Patti Smith and early punk was part of my education while we were in law school. Years later, Patti walked past me into the lobby of the San Jose carrying her guitar.

This song is going to have to stand in for all of the outlaw country and cosmic cowboys, for Gram and Waylon & Willie, Emmy Lou and Jessie Colter, Kris Kristofferson. In the years I lived in New York, this is the music that made me homesick.  I just had to close my eyes and pick one. 

9.  ALEJANDRO ESCOVEDO, “VELVET GUITAR” from A Man Under the Influence
The Continental Club is Alejandro’s home base, and mine, too for the last fifteen years. True rock ‘n roll genius and gentleman.

10.  DAVID GARZA, “HOW MUCH DOES YOUR HEART BEAT FOR ME” from A Strange Mess of Flowers
I couldn’t believe how beautiful David’s music was when I first heard it, and I still can’t, every time he picks up a guitar or pulls up to the piano. This one is for how lucky I am to have a life where folks like David sit down at the kitchen table on a Saturday night and sing.

11.  PATTY GRIFFIN, “MARY” from Flaming Red
This song drives me crazy it’s so beautiful, like Patty. I sort of hummed background vocals on it once on stage, but that’s another story.

12. AMY COOK, “GET IT RIGHT” from 
Let the Light In
This is my lady. It sort of breaks my heart and makes me smile every time I realize she’s singing about us.

i + w mixtape : Liz Lambert

Liz with girlfriend, Amy Cook.


Back in the day we used to ride from sun up to sun down SON!  We built ramps inside old barns to escape the rain.  Gotta ride everyday!  Secret spots we kept on the low. The only break we took from skating was a VHS break…..Hokus Pokus!  It’ll get you hyped!  This was life, no promise of a future, only new tricks and kick flips over crazy gaps!  Met all my friends skating!  Silly stupid haircuts, jeans so baggy we looked like a bunch of rodeo clowns.  Now a days we can’t really get down like we used to.  Still have a board though…..can’t not have a board!  Right?   Who’s with me on this?  This was my life…, I sure do miss it!