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juniper ridge

Juniper Ridge live infusion, wild harvested soap. Vacation to some of the world’s most beautiful places, all the 10 minutes it takes you to shower. At $7 a bar, it’s not cheap soap, but damn if that’s not a cheap vacation.

New “Beginnings”

Totally intrigued by the lineup for the second season of filmmaker Chira Clemente’s “Beginnings” series on the Sundance Channel. The first episode, which debuts tomorrow night, features Charlotte Gainsbourg, Christian Louboutin, Frederic Malle, Marjane Satrapi and Sylvia Whitman, who are, respectively, an actress/musician/scion, high-end shoemaker, perfume editor, cartoonist/director, and bookseller.


Clemente’s profiles delve into each creator’s past, revealing what inspired them to do what they do and their paths to success. Find out more here.


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Botanophobia by Jennilee Marigomen.

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set your alarm clocks, shoppers!
Imogene + Willie’s Third Annual Garage Sale

is this weekend

Saturday, March 10

from 7-11 am
at 2601 12th Avenue South and Sweetbriar
we have tons of design samples and denim seconds (we’re talking small, often imperceivable flaws), plus vintage culled from our archives
the big draw: we’re offering jeans that retail from $225 and up from $85
everyone is welcome!
all sales in-store only; NO email or phone sales. first come, first serve. no early birds.

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I have latent hippie tendencies. Big fan of patchouli. Not scared of tofu. Love a good tie dye session. So it makes sense that the idea of the Wholeo Dome appeals to me.

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