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susie + carrie on clarke

Without a doubt, there are people in this world who know exactly what they want out of life, love and in this case, clothes. Meet Carrie Eddmenson and Susie Crippen, two of my best friends, two women I love very much and two women who fit the above description to a T.

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the real story: TEDx

A couple of months ago, Matt and I accepted the kind invitation from TEDxAtlanta to give a TED talk.

With a massive amount of support from the TEDxAtlanta team and our team at imogene + willie, we spent weeks preparing for the talk. Formal outlines were submitted, the story was written, then… we had to put it into speakable words. That’s where the shit hit the fan!

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i+w x made in kind

When large companies contact us requesting to explore a wholesale relationship with them, our automatic response has been, “thanks so much for reaching out to us, but we just aren’t ready.”

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Sideshow Sign Co.

If you’ve come to one of the past few events in our backyard, or even just seen any photos from the evenings, you may have noticed a glowing, behemoth TN sign residing behind the performers. Continue Reading…


file under: in the american west

In the spirit of our independence, it seems right to share something truly American.


Richard Avedon’s obituary in The New York Times read “his fashion and portrait photographs helped define America’s image of style, beauty and culture for the last half-century.” Continue Reading…


memorial day

I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. 
I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him. 
~Abraham Lincoln


we’re feeling fest-ive

Bonnaroo starts two weeks from today – and we’re getting excited. Although the I+W crew isn’t closing up shop and heading to Manchester (our blue jeans don’t make themselves!), we are celebrating the mighty festival to the east with a big party in our backyard on Thursday, June 7. Continue Reading…


File Under: Happy Last Year on Earth

I’ve been trying to get my head around cable TV’s attempt to brainwash me into believing the world’s going to end on December 21st, 2012, for some time now. It’s like an Indiana Jones movie that’s not been written yet!


So I set off to get a little clarification on the matter through a very trusted source known as the Internet! But seriously, I did find out some interesting things about the date known as “the day the world ends.”

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Austin Vince Slideshow

We’re really pleased to be partnering with our friend Patrick Keeler to host a presentation by renowned British adventure motorcyclist Austin Vince – this week’s Our Voice subject – in the backyard next Tuesday. Continue Reading…


design intern wanted!

imogene + willie is an exciting, forward thinking company that specializes in…wait…just joking!


We’re looking for a talented, motivated, super-badass designer to intern at I+W over the summer. Continue Reading…


file under: white magic woman

My in-the-know friend LCP recently forwarded me a link to an amazing photo gallery that I can’t get out of my mind: an installment in a killer irregular fashion feature on the website of the Australian magazine Oyster called “Street Style Before Street Style,” devoted to the one, the only Stevie Nicks. I’ve posted two of the images here; the rest can be found by clicking here.

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the tradition continues: supper + song is back!

Winter is over and warm weather is here. And in imogene + willie world, that can only mean one thing: the return of our annual supper + song series!


Next Wednesday, April 25 – and the third Wednesday of every month through the summer and into fall – we’ll open the backyard to welcome our neighbors and friends, old and new, for an evening of wonderful music and conversation.


We’re kicking off the 2012 s+s series with a two very special performances. Local singer-songwriter Kate Tucker will play first at 6 pm. A little after 7 pm, our main act will cue up their band.


Who is this mystery guest, you may ask? That’s for us to know and you to guess as we release a series of hints about their identity via our Twitter feed (follow us at @imogenewillie) every day through Tuesday, when we’ll finally make the big reveal. We assure you, this person is well worth the wait.


As always, supper + song is free and open to the public. Bring a blanket and your own beverages; the Mas Tacos truck will be on hand selling snacks starting around 5 pm. Things tend to wind down by 8:30, so plan to get there on the early side.


Mark your calendars: You won’t want to miss this one!