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the birthplace of mother’s day

if you are from henderson, kentucky – you’ll get this.

anywhere you go in the world, you meet someone connected to henderson.
and more so, everything good starts in henderson.


that’s the opinion of anyone that grew up there or lives there.
we’re all pretty proud of our special hometown.


but there is a fact (almost) about one thing in particular that started in henderson:


mother’s day.

however, that’s debatable!


judy jenkins, our revered hometown newspaper columnist, has been writing for the paper since matt and i were kids. judy wrote the below article for the the bicentennial issue of our local newspaper back in 1992. it tells the story of a hendersonian named miss mary towels sasseen, hailed as the national originator of mother’s day. but, philadelphia’s miss anna jarvis thought she deserved the acclaim!


happy mother’s day, courtesy of mary towels sasseen and the land of all things possible…..henderson, ky!


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sideshow sign co.


This week’s Our Voice features Luke and Jasmin of Sideshow Sign Co. You may have noticed their beautiful signage around our backyard, but learn more of their fascinating story here.

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From One Garage Door To Another

I was sitting at the kitchen table the other morning when Carrie said, “Listen to what someone posted on Twitter!”


Twitter: “What if imogene + willie had a baby with a french press? Obviously you would get Barista Parlor.”


I laughed, then reality hit: I had not been to Barista Parlor yet. So this past weekend I headed over, friends in tow, to the most talked-about new spot in Nashville. Needless to say, I was blown away by what owner Andy Mumma has put together. But it was the conversation that followed that really took me back.


“Andy, what a great space… what was this place?”


“Some place called George’s Transmission.”


“What? That’s what imogene + willie was before we moved in!”


“Are you serious?”


“Yeah, how crazy is that?”


It’s hard to believe that both of our garages shared a former tenant. I could go on and on about how great Barista Parlor is and what they bring to the Eastside’s already great lineup of culinary goodness, but a more proper introduction is coming soon.


From one Nashville startup business in a transmission shop to another…



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In the spirit of our independence, it seems right to share something truly American.


Richard Avedon’s obituary in The New York Times read “his fashion and portrait photographs helped define America’s image of style, beauty and culture for the last half-century.”  His most famous collection of work (also, his most “american”) was the result of six years of travel, photographing 752 people in 17 states.  ”In the American West” focused on working people such as miners and oil field workers in their soiled work clothes, unemployed drifters, and teenagers growing up in the West. When first published and exhibited, “In the American West” was criticized for showing what some considered to be a disparaging view of America. On the other hand, Avedon was lauded for treating his subjects with the attention and dignity usually reserved for the politically powerful and celebrities.


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“might as well have the best”

Filson continues to make goods from the best materials obtainable, and guarantees every piece of merchandise. We just received a shipment of these durable totes; available in-store only. Give us a call at the shop for ordering information – (615) 292-5005.

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If you’re anything like me, reading really long blogs is not a favorite past time. I much prefer looking through thousands of nicely curated photos and wasting my time that way. So when I found Silodrome Gasoline Culture a year or so ago, I was instantly attracted to their ability to keep words to a minimum and couple those words with great iconic photos. They even featured our Carter Coltrane just a few months ago. Needless to say we were not only honoured but incredibly grateful to be on such a great site as Silodrome! So fellas, if you want a great time suck and a little education on all things manly, Silodrome has it all.



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Credits: Laura D’art for  Kinfolk

made in the south awards

Matt and I were very honored to be asked to join the team of judges for this year’s Garden & Gun “Made In The South” awards.


This contest, rich in southern craft, design and ingenuity, is a very special project for artisans who enter, and a real big treat for the spectators that get to read about the winners later this fall.


Matt and I, along with Nashville, are proud as peacocks that two grass root brands from our community – Otis James and Emil Erwin – were winners last year.


It has been such a pleasure watching these guys grow their now-globally recognized brands, partly because of the opportunity that Garden & Gun provides with this project.


It’s true. Believe it. If you have a craft and a dream, then you can make it. For a little boost, enter this contest. It helps!





P.S. If you don’t already subscribe to G&G Magazine, do it now!


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