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worn wear

we’ve admired Yvon Choinard and @Patagonia for years. they are, hands-down, one of the best and most purpose driven brands of all time.

they’ve sent a small team on a cross-country road trip with their @WornWear tour, stopping at clothing and outdoor hubs to do free clothing repairs and teaching folks how to fix their own clothes.

we are so honored that they chose our nashville shop as a destination on their trip… Continue Reading…

the nashville fashion alliance

“the demise of production in america is killing our dreams…”

at a Tedx talk in 2012, we shared our dreams of bringing production back to America. the Nashville Fashion Alliance is working hard to help develop and support the infrastructure that it will take to put Nashville on the map as an epicenter in the fashion industry.  we couldn’t be more proud to be a part of the fight.

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featured: cotton makers

thank you cotton, inc, elle decor and the whole hearst family – for talking to us about what we love. and thank you for creating an interview where we felt so comfortable to talk openly and honestly…. just the way it is…with no bells and whistles, and no fancy hair and makeup!

carrie and matt

trouble in paradise

born and raised in Orange County, California, Cycle Zombies is a collective of family and friends, immersed in a culture of waves, skateboards and motorcycles. it’s a lifestyle many try to embody but few have such a natural and honest approach to the culture and passion this brotherhood share.

wes lang | the studio

Congrats, Wes, on your first solo exhibition! So well deserved, our friend!

Matt & Carrie

update 11/18: we are very proud to announce the first Wes Lang x imogene + willie collaboration
a badass bandana, made in The United States of f’n America

limited edition of 500

see ‘em here

the bluegrass situation: langhorne slim & friends

we are so pleased to announce our second installment of The Bluegrass Situation Presents: The i+w Listening Room.

this video happens to feature a good friend of i+w, Langhorne Slim (joined by Kirstin Weber,
Shelby Means, and Kai Welch) performing “Countryside Shuffle” at the gas station.


check out what’s happening with the Bluegrass Situation here. to see if the incomparable Langhorne Slim will be playing near you, click here.

file under: the coen brothers

In anticipation of the release of their latest film INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS, the Belcourt looks back at the films of Joel and Ethan Coen, brothers whose signature flair for lacing intricately plotted genre film with jet-black comedy has earned them a reputation as the most formidable team of filmmakers in Hollywood.

We celebrate the much loved duo’s distinctive vision with this series encompassing both their comedic and more dramatic work.