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It’s become pretty cliche to describe a specific blog as a place where “it’s easy to get lost.” Will Schofield’s 50 Watts truly lives up to that promise. I defy you to not get lost in his thorough though minimalist posts which detail the best in international graphic design and illustration from the last few hundred years, from beautiful Art Nouveau book covers and quirky photo-visuals from old fairy tales, odd Bauhaus-style ephemera and surreal minimalist textbook pages, kinky pulp novel art to irksome political propaganda, 50 Watts is a great site to dig into when you want to get inspired – not to mention a killer place to build up your Pinterest pages.

Note: All images were pulled from the 50 Watts site. Virgil Finlay is the artist responsible for the sun goddess above.

Artist: Paul Lehr

Artist: Daniel Higgs

Artist: Rafael de Panagos

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