go through your boxes

sorry for the sap, but i have something to say! and it’s not about fashion!!
matt and i got a call 2 years and 11 and a half months ago from our realtor in nashville, alerting us that the owner of the gas station (now home of i+w), had finally agreed to lease the building to us. we had been prodding this sweet but tough as nails 90 year old landlord for 6 months to no avail. for some reason, on this day at that time, she wanted the gas station to be ours. which meant we were moving to nashville to open imogene+willie.
we were still living in kentucky at the time. so the next morning, we hopped in the truck and drove FAST down to nashville to sign the lease, meet an electrician and to attend a neighborhood association meeting. we planned to go back to ky that night, but if i recall correctly, we took an extra pair of panties and a tshirt just in the case we decided to spend the night.

the next thing i remember: we were still in nashville a month later. we never left! we went back to kentucky in may to pack our house, as well as nestor and gloria’s, and to load the sewing machines in the u hauls.
we have kept most all of our boxes of personal belongings and furniture in storage for the last 3 years. we have lived like vagabonds, first in the attic at the gas station, then in 3 different apartments all around the corner from the shop. all the while, our house in kentucky was still for sale. it thankfully sold several months ago, so we started looking for, and then found our home here in tennessee in which to settle.
we did small renovations at the house, and then properly moved in a couple of weeks ago. but just in the past 3 nights, i got to the good boxes. the ones that had not been opened for 3 years. 20 boxes of all of our books!!! and boxes and boxes and boxes of pictures that never have made it to an album. oh my god. that’s where our life had been hiding. in those boxes!!! something beautiful my brother had shared with me a few days prior made me commit to sitting on the floor, to meticulously go through these boxes. tears (joyful tears) streaming down my face as i faced so many memories, laughing my head off all by myself, or yelling one hundred times, “matt, you HAVE come look at this!”
as matt would say, i said all of that to say this:
it’s my turn to blog today. i was thinking this morning what in the hell to blog about. i get so stuck on this subject when i over think it. what artist can i highlight that would inspire someone? who’s street style is applicable to how i feel today? what scene from nature represents colors and light or darkness that i’m drawn to? what stories can i share about imogene+willie? i realized that really all i have for you today is what i found in those boxes over the past nights. i went through 20 of my moleskins cover to cover. i was reminded of so much by reading each page. (i have an ocd trait: one moleskin page for every day in the past 10 years.) i reflected a lot. i went through every single picture that either matt and i have taken or accumulated throughout our separate lives, and now life together. no different than yours, i’m sure, these images were of birthdays, work days, snow days, ice storms, cook outs, weddings, holidays, talent shows, slumber parties and trips to the river, the lake and the sea. then pics of playing horse shoes with matt’s grandaddy, and when president carter came to visit. then a gob of pics of our nieces and nephews being born… as well as documentation of all of their birthday parties, soccer games, dance recitals and violin or piano recitals! and then anytime i was with a camera when they looked so precious. which is always. oh. and the day (2 days later) that matt found my lost engagement ring in a pile of leaves!

who claims that life is without pain? even in pictures, you can id some harder days here and there in any and all of our faces at various stages, but there is so much comfort in even remembering those hard things. keep going through the pictures and as time changes or passes, there is ultimately and mostly a lot of happiness.
next, you think, comes my gallery of pictures to share with you. boring for you!
really, all i wanted to tell you is to go home and go through your boxes.
i mean it.