happy birthday

yow. crying my eyes out… tears of happy, as i type this.
one year ago, imogene+willie was born.
actually, one year ago a couple of weeks ago… but wanted to wait and commemorate it until about now because, one year ago as of january 26th, until february 26th…. 250 people across america essentially jump started imogene+willie by ordering a pair of jeans from us.
i have to say that typically, i struggle to remember much about the day from 1 year before anything.
but i remember this time so crystal clearly.
i would love to share with you all pictures from a year ago, but they are an unreal series of a 100 year old tree cracked in two and laying on our house, and a bunch of family in pajamas at our house, with no shower for days.
just envision…
jan 26th.
3am: LAUNCH. pressed “publish post” on our first blog entry. sent out the link to about 25 friends and family.
7am: it’s snowing. no. it’s icing. like, 6 inches? a real state of emergency.
power outages almost literally everywhere in our hometown, BUT our house. family from both sides start to gather at our place. this is going to be fun! slumber party for a night…. which turned into 7 nights?!
9 kids all under 10, running around the house with cabin fever for days, computers plugged in all over the house… adults working from camp eddmenson. full cafeteria set up in our kitchen for breakfast, lunch and dinner feeds.
and meanwhile…. jean orders coming in from all over the country. and from across the big waters.
we just couldn’t even believe it.
imogene+willie, which was planned meticulously for success, but with odds still so against it at such a tough time in our world…. was really going to happen.
happy 1 year birthday only because of all of those that believed in it.
if any of you 250 are reading this…. thank you is not nearly enough.