it’s what they would have wanted


we get copied on all of ian’s correspondences with customers that buy from our online store.  i love reading the back and forth.  we are so grateful to have ian on our team and in our life.  he really does love the hell out of all of these people, that, for the most part, he might not ever even meet.  the relationships with our customers really do mean so much to all of us… far more so than the jeans.

one email chain in particular hit home for ian yesterday.  he shared it with all of us… and we want to share with you.

from a customer based in islamabad, pakistan…

Great to hear from you and the t-shirt arrived yesterday.  It fits perfect and I love it.  Thanks so much for sending it out, I really appreciate it.  It really is the the little things that make one happy over here.  Also, great news about the chinos, I’m really stoked to see them.  If you think they’re lightweight enough I may have you send them here, if not I’ll just have you send them to the Baltimore address.  I wore my normal Willies for about 3 months straight, got some great wear into them, but since I’ve been here I switched over to the blue selvage Willies that I bought when I was in the store.  I think they’re a little lighter weight than the normal Willies, but I’m not sure.  I seem to recall you saying that the blue selvage were 12-12.5 oz and the normal Willies are 13, is that right?  At any rate, I’m getting some great wear on them and they’re really staring to break in nicely.  Still a long way to go, which is, of course, more than half the fun.

It’s so sad about the storms in the Midwest.  I hope they recover quickly and are able to rebuild as fast as possible.  It’s not a short process, but the sooner they start, the sooner people will start to recover from all that mess.

[In reference to the documentary “The Way We Get By”]: I’ve actually met those people in Bangor when I was in the Army.  We used to fly through there on our way to and from Iraq and Afghanistan.  I don’t get to see them anymore since I take a different route over here now, but it’s great that they’re still doing it.  It may seem like a small gesture, but it’s a huge thing emotionally after coming home from a long deployment.  Speaking of movies, there’s a great documentary out on a small Army unit in Afghanistan.  It’s called “Restrepo” and it got a lot of attention.  It’s pretty amazing.  Their unit was different from mine, but a lot of what they go through was very similar and the guys who filmed it did an excellent job.  If you’ve not seen it, I highly recommend it, but be warned: Have a bottle of bourbon handy.  You’ll want a drink after, if not multiple.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!  I’m not usually overly Patriotic, but this holiday has become possibly the most important holiday to me.  I’ve lost a number of friends in the past ten years in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.  So please enjoy the holiday with your family and friends to honor all the guys who cannot be here to do the same.  No sad thoughts, just spend time with friends and loved ones, it’s the perfect way to honor them and it’s what they would have wanted.  And maybe raise a beer or seven.  So again, have a great weekend and keep in touch!  Hope to hear from you soon.