the lincoln jean fund

Out of the many folks I’ve met during my time on this earth, there are a certain few who seem to possess this easy nature – this simple, good, honest nature. These types of people could exist in anytime, at any place, and be perfectly content doing what they do. These people find their happiness in their craft, in song, and in their words.


These people come in all shapes in sizes. Some farm bananas in Belize. Some wait tables in Colorado. And some stay late at the local sandwich shop to tear apart a pig, make sure that every part of that pig is used, then put that pigs feet in a soup and sell it to folks who work at the jean shop up the street.


That last very specific individual is named Lincoln – and he is the free-est spirit of them all. Whether he’s working down the street at Sloco or sipping a brewski at our favorite local trailer-turned-pub, Lincoln’s a man with a smile on his face. He’s the kind of guy who needs nothing but the food in his belly and the clothes on his back (usually of the denim variety).


Like most other folks with a “live today like it’s your last” mentality, Lincoln may have trouble moderating his cash-flow. This is just a nice way of saying, “If he’s got money in his pocket, he’s going to spend it on a beer for himself and a friend at the pub we mentioned earlier.” So over the past few months, we here on the floor of i+w have been more than honored to keep a jar with Lincoln’s name on it at the shop.


Everyday, Lincoln would stop by the shop and drop some of his tips in a mason-jar-turned-piggy-bank in hopes that one day he would have enough to purchase a new pair of jeans. Well, that day finally came and we were excited to celebrate his new Willies with him. Because he wears his dungarees down to the bone, and to commend his tenacity for saving up for Willies, Matt and Carrie had us throw in a pair of Bartons, too. He doubled his money!


Some people have jeans. Other people wear jeans. Lincoln on the other hand, lives in his jeans – through blood, guts and glory. And looks pretty darn good doing it.