Back in the Sixties, conventional Leftie wisdom was that if you weren’t part of the solution you were part of the problem.
We’re totally on board with that line of thought here at Imogene + Willie. As members of the Nashville fashion community, we think it’s our duty to share the wealth of information and opportunities we have at our disposal to our fellow designers and other local fashion pros.
Indeed, it’s the main reason we partnered with the good folks at Nashville Fashion Week to produce a day of educational panelsfeaturing words of wisdom from industry professionals.
Carrie explains it best in the official NFW press release that announces the event, which takes place at the Frist Center for the Arts next Thursday, March 22:
“We could not do what we do today at Imogene + Willie without having had great mentors,” she says. “We are honored to be a part of the curation of Nashville Fashion Week’s industry panels, with the goal of providing local creatives the inspiration and tools needed to make a firm foundation on which they can build their own dreams.
“Hearing seasoned fashion industry professionals share their experiences is paramount to learning how to build and sustain a brand,” Eddmenson continues. “This is the best and most direct way to go about invigorating local markets and preparing them to compete in the everchanging global marketplace.”



We’ve asked a bunch of our favorite fashion professionals to join us for the three panels, which focus on production issues (10-11:30 am), thoughts on marketing and branding (1-2:30 pm), and, finally, a conversation about what Southern fashion is and why this might be our time to shine (3-4:30 pm).
Panelists include local designers Otis James, Phillip Nappi, Barry Wishnow, and Jamie Frazier and Hannah Jones of Jamie and the Jones., and, of course, Carrie and Matt Eddmenson; J Brand co-founder Susie Crippen; fashion journalists/authors Rose Apodaca and Dana Thomas; and Alabama Chanin designer Natalie Chanin. Moderators include Carrie (production); Dr. Dave Gilbert (marketing/branding); and Libby Callaway (Southern fashion).
There’s information on how you can secure your seat at one or all of the panels by here, as well as more in-depth bios of the panelists. We hope everyone can find time to join us for this very special event.
See you next week!