one year where

New year, new jeans. That’s our motto this month at imogene + willie. To kick-start our One Year Where photo campaign – we’re offering everyone who buys a pair of jeans this month (January 2012) 40 percent off the first pair of jeans they buy next January (that’d be 2013). Nothing like planning ahead!


One Year Where will be a yearlong interactive series where we’re asking you to engage in a little show-and-tell. Our customers are an international crew; not only do they live all over the globe, but they tend to travel a lot as well. In other words, our jeans get around. This year, we’re hoping to find out exactly where they go.


You can help us do this by posting pictures of yourself wearing the imogene + willie jeans you purchase in 2012 on our Facebook page.


Visit the “One Year Where” page on our website to get all the info