our choice: gabby’s burgers + fries

There are different levels of suffocation one reaches with every hamburger tasted. This evolution starts out at a McDonald’s, tasting that sugar burger for the first time and thinking, “is there anything greater?” Then one day, your grandfather takes you to some greasy spoon out in the middle of nowhere and your taste buds suddenly no longer crave that shriveled up clown burger and you think… could there be more? This, my friend, is a path only discovered by a few meat-eating connoisseurs who dare to go where others will not. To boldly claim a spot in a line where every second of your lunch break will be put to the test. This, my friend, is Gabby’s. Located at 493 Humphreys St. Nashville, TN 37203.


“It’s worth talking about!”


Call ahead to ensure not getting fired from your job. They’ll have it waiting for ya!