our choice: high garden tea

Well, a new year means new attempts at healthy eating for most of us here at the i+w office. A few of us are trying cleanses, be it half-assed or balls-to-the-wall, but dangit, we’re trying.


In our journey to better our innards, one of the big steps has been omitting the coffee. THE COFFEE! The fuel that keeps our office running!


I love coffee. I’ve always wanted to love tea and wish I drank gallons of it, but have just never have been a tea head… until now. Enter High Garden Tea.


The sweet couple who own this amazing little tea shop tucked in East Nashville (you can also try some at Portland Brew next to imogene + willie) have turned me on to tea, and not just for the duration of the cleanse, but for good. For serious!


They focus on mostly herbal concoctions for health, healing and general human-body-upkeep, with your staple teas as well.


If you’re really into herbs, tea and curious elixirs… please go give Leah and Joel Larabell a visit. They are full of knowledge and are always happy to educate you on the benefits of any herb jar you point at: how it helps your body, where it comes from, the history of its roots and, most importantly, they can tell you exactly which blend is the closest to looking, smelling and sorta tasting like coffee! (It’s the Sunshine Blend – you’re welcome)