spotify visit + playlist

Last week, Spotify’s worldwide team visited Nashville for their company retreat. They had a amazing crash course in all things Nashville and part of their trip was spent with us for a night of shopping, food and music. Continue Reading…

file under: wild cub

we couldn’t be happier for our good friends of Wild Cub, who are making their debut on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight. reminiscing when they played in the backyard at supper and song… and now there single, Thunder Clatter, is no. 1 on Sirus radio Alt. Nation countdown. way to go fellas.


sitting down with dr. martin luther king jr.

In January of 1965, Alex Haley, a journalist writing on behalf of Playboy Magazine travelled to Atlanta in the hopes of interviewing with the recent recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This 1965 interview with Haley was the longest interview he had ever granted to any publication.


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i love lucy.

i love lucy.
some things don’t come easy.
creating women’s clothing has historically only clicked for me when we design something that i want to wear.
so in the genre of blue jeans, we have always designed and advocated what i want. Continue Reading…

artist series: vivian maier

Vivian Maier, nanny by profession, hid her secret passion and intimate moments from everyone until they were discovered in 2007 at a local thrift auction house on Chicago’s Northwest Side. Bundled in shoe boxes were hundreds of rolls of undeveloped film, audio recordings, newspaper clippings, home films, and political tchotchkes. Continue Reading…

Lucky Riders

harebrained ideas go hand in hand with motorcycles.  but the older one gets, it becomes less and less about the harebrained act and more about the storytelling. Continue Reading…


a new years wish

our own resolution, and same wish for you in the new year:
let go of any negative thoughts or feelings from the past tonight.
fill that extra space with newness in the morning
with laughter and love and fresh beginnings.
from our family to yours, happy new year!
love i+w

esquire’s alternate route

thanks to Matt Hranek for coming by and visiting us at the shop, and to your whole team for capturing the experience. great to have you back in nashville.


the christmas truce

Christmas Day, 1914, in the thick of WWI, British and German soldiers put down their weapons, crawled out of the trenches, exchanged cigarettes and brandy, and played a game of football.

peace on earth.


santa school

Charles Howard’s school gives a Santa’s Helper degree after a five-day, $75 course and a post-graduate B.S.C. (Bachelor of Santa Claus).

In 1961, LIFE’s Alfred Eisenstaedt visited Howard’s school for Santas in training, photographed the process and shared some of Howard’s insightful tips:

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file under: the coen brothers

In anticipation of the release of their latest film INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS, the Belcourt looks back at the films of Joel and Ethan Coen, brothers whose signature flair for lacing intricately plotted genre film with jet-black comedy has earned them a reputation as the most formidable team of filmmakers in Hollywood.

We celebrate the much loved duo’s distinctive vision with this series encompassing both their comedic and more dramatic work.