ramen for a cause



this saturday, feb. 15, our good friend Sarah Gavigan, chef and owner of the ramen pop-up shop, Otaku South, is holding the second annual Extra Large benefit at Marathon Music Works with music by Guilty Pleasures.

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celebrate lucy!

lucyBlogladies of nashville… if you’ve already purchased a pair of lucys or have been thinking about giving ‘em a try, come on by the nashville shop tomorrow evening, (2/11/14) from 5 – 7.


join us for a laid back photo shoot and libations to celebrate our newest fit!

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weekend one of a kind


southern lovin’

 picked from all over the country, we asked our songbird friend
Nikki Lane to round up a few of her treasures from the road

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artist series: carissa potter


a few weeks ago we stumbled upon Carissa Potter and immediately were enamored with her work. Carissa lives and works in San Francisco. her practice is a careful investigation of intimacy both publicly and privately.


today we are excited to be able to share her what “i love you” feels like card with the imogene + willie family.


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the bluegrass situation: langhorne slim & friends


we are so pleased to announce our second installment of The Bluegrass Situation Presents: The i+w Listening Room.

this video happens to feature a good friend of i+w, Langhorne Slim (joined by Kirstin Weber,
Shelby Means, and Kai Welch) performing “Countryside Shuffle” at the gas station.


check out what’s happening with the Bluegrass Situation here. to see if the incomparable Langhorne Slim will be playing near you, click here.

spotify visit + playlist


Last week, Spotify’s worldwide team visited Nashville for their company retreat. They had a amazing crash course in all things Nashville and part of their trip was spent with us for a night of shopping, food and music. We at i+w are so thrilled with their service as it allows us to share the music that is on our minds with our family, friends and customers so it was such an honor to host them and get to know them personally and more of what the service is about and where it is headed. And it is always so lovely getting to share a bit of what we are about as a brand and as a city.


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blood & oil


Nashville’s own are the study of this short film, Blood & Oil. shot at directed by Cale Glendening. his words describe it best:


“Blood & Oil speaks to all avenues of creativity and passionate endeavors – the common thread being desire, determination and the relentless pursuit it takes to see them through. That feeling that wakes you in the dead of night, the call to action that courses through your veins. It doesn’t matter what you do or what your passion is, there is always room to be challenged, to grow, advance and to be more inspired. With that heart and intention, Blood & Oil is about wanting to create, be more awake and to be more alive.”

Garage Sale – 1.25.14


semi-annual garage sale this Saturday at the nashville shop!


serious deals on vintage pieces, discontinued jeans, samples, prototypes, fabrics and a handful of special surprises.


from 9:00 am – 2:00pm january 25th at the gas station. 2601 12th Avenue South.


in-store only; NO email or phone sales. first come, first serve – get ‘em while we got ‘em


a few insider tips we’ve learned over the years:


#1 the “cash only” line is always shorter - bring cash if you’re in a hurry


#2 avoid huge lines for the dressing rooms - gals, you can avoid ‘em, wear tights, bike shorts or a dress. anything you can throw jeans on top of. and for the boys? shorts… long johns… you’ll think of something


#3 the jeans only stay so organized for so long - so boys, if you look down and the jean you are trying on has a zipper, you’re wearing lady pants.